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Ladies you owe it to yourself!

Everywhere I read about maternity wear, I keep seeing the "maternity wear is costly, do not buy un-necessarily". While I couldn't agree more on not over spending on things, especially in these days of recession. owning one or two fab pieces of maternity clothing is a MUST.
Those who wrote about how one should not spend too much on clothing that you will wear just a couple of months simply don't get it. I came to the conclusion that or they have never been pregnant and hormonal or that they think non-pregnancy wear can be worn year after year or even possibly both. But let's face it, clothes are pricey, be it maternity or not so we better buy things that make us feel good as long as we aren't putting ourselves in debt doing it, and no there is nothing wrong.
Plus on all those who say maternity wear is not worn long enough, think again, I've been in maternity pants since January (14 weeks into the pregnancy) my due date is in July, and I'm one of those realistic woman who know that my pre-pregnancy jeans will not fit comfortably for a few months after birth, so I will end up wearing these pants at least 9 to 10 months since I bought the type that can be adjusted to fit your bump or lack of bump. I also know that my pre-pregnancy T-shirts will not fit for the same amount of time, so I better have some classy options there as well.

Pregnancy is a time of happiness and all ladies are beautiful when they are expecting, so there is no reason to dress them up in rags, circus tents and parachutes and make them feel miserable and low each time they look at themselves in the mirror.
I bought 4 pairs of pants in January at Studio mom in Bangalore, but the Summer heat had me relegate my maternity jeans to the bottom, ready to take out again in June when the rain will kick in and recently went back to the shop to get myself another pair of light weight pants. And since I out grew most of my tops they were on the shopping list too, and while I can only rave about their basic, decently priced practical pants, the top section left me a bit lukewarm, I got 3 that were nice, but to suits the Indian woman approach to maternity, they are baggy, and not very flattering to the body, making you look fatter than you are, fortunately I found a couple of non-maternity kurti to complete my wardrobe and 2 of my pre-pregnancy tank top still fits for now.
Today I realised that I was outgrowing my bras, ok I've been doing that for a few months now but lingerie shopping in India is dreadful enough that suffering the agony of being squeezed in 2 cups too small is better than dealing with incompetent staff and the frustration of not finding your size. And DH and I found out about "mothercare" a few weeks ago, for those who don't know, mothercare is a chain of maternity and baby gear store from the UK that has branches internationally, they are a bit on the costly side but their stuff is of good quality. Not to mention that in India they do store bra sizes up to the DD cup, a rarity I must tell you since in most regular lingerie shops you struggle finding a decent choice in a D cup.
While I was there I decided to look at maternity tops too, and found a gorgeous one and decided to try it on as well, and it is amazing what a nice fitting top does for your figure indeed! First I realised I'm looking even more pregnant than I thought I was, but the fact that these clothes are designed to fit your bump and not hide it makes all the difference. it was probably more than I would spend on a regular t-shirt, but boy it feels good having clothes that make you feel as stylish as before.

So here is my advice ladies :
get a few good basics when it comes to maternity wear : a pair of jeans, a pair of black pants that you can wear with casual and formal wear, and one or two more pair of casual trousers in neutral colors that you can pair with about just anything.
Indulge in all kind of tops, be it short tunics (you can buy them in XL or XL size in any non maternity wear shop), tank tops, again for the first couple of months you will be able to wear your old pre-pregnancy ones, so you don't need to invest too heavily in maternity ones until at least the 6th month if it is your first pregnancy. One dressy top is a must so you can look more formal, choose it in a solid color of your choice so that you can dress it up with accessories and not look like you are wearing the same thing all the time. And last but not least, get yourself 2-3 casual maternity tops to go with your maternity pants as well, since these later have an elastic waist and flap you will want to cover not to look too silly (unless you go for the low waisted ones sitting under your bump). To avoid looking like you are always wearing the same set of clothes all the time, ACCESSORIZE, time to dig in your scarf and stole collection and use them, ditto with all this fashion jewellry, they will make your basic outfit look stunning at no extra cost.
Rest assured that you will wear these post delivery until you get back into shape to fit your good old favourite pants.

And just feel the instant self esteem boost the next time you slip into your nice fitting clothes and tell yourself as often as you can: "I feel sexy" because yeas, you do!


  1. Exciting Cyn! Sounds like you're having a lot of fun. I hope you'll post pics of your new clothes. I wanna see! :-)

  2. Gosh DH and I keep saying we should take pictures but we always seem to forget and we have no excuses with 2 cameras in the house...sigh

  3. firsttimemom11:38 AM

    Very good tips..thank you!
    I am 15 weeks preggo and looking for good Maternity wear that I can wear to work. Will surely visit Studio Mom.

    Have you already delivered?


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