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Summer, baby bump and dress comfort

11:04 AM

Pardon the silly title, I got pretty uninspired on this one.

I always thought that clothes should feel like a second skin, and this is even more of a truth now that my mid-section is popping. And I'm not talking about day-wear comfort alone, my night wear needs to be very un-invasive as well. In Winter, I'm happy with an old sweater or long sleeved t-shirt and my good old track pants. In Summer, I have shorts and a t-shirt on.
And these days when I wake up like every Summer, I ditch the tiny shorts and slip into my good old pair of yoga pants (which is probably going to be dead by the time the baby comes) or a pair of work out capris keeping my lumpy tee or my tank top on until I had breakfast or shower, and always after the maid left.

Now there is no doubt about my figure, it really shouts "Pregnant" even to the less expert eye, and this morning my maid who speaks a mix of Kannada and Hindi tried to ask how come I was still squeezing myself in pants. Note she never discussed my choice of night wear before in a place were most ladies will sleep or in the day before worn saree, or a long thick cotton ankle length night gown.
And that this night gown in particular she was enquiring about since it seems that expecting ladies around here spend more and more time in these (and confined home) as their belly swell.
I tried to explain as well as I could in my "Hinglish" that I hate night gowns, and they always seem to get in the way of my movement wondering why my maid who have been working for me for 2 years now suddenly enquired about this. And finally connected the dots when she gestured a big tummy and squeezed her waist to explain the "tight pants" concept to me, I smile at her and try to explain the term "comfy" to her (not sure I was successful though). She then put an interrogative expression on her face and hold 5 fingers out and I get she wants to know how far I am, so I hold 6 out, she then enquire about whether my parents will come for the birth, I tel her no, but quit trying to explain for the umpteenth time that my family is from Switzerland (She still thinks I'm from Delhi), so I tell her that DH's parents will be there instead and her face lit up.
I think she still didn't get my western wear fetish though, the fact is that I hate feeling restricted in my movement, and generally don't care much about the extra fabric rubbing loose over my skin, now even less than ever.
If the occasion call for it I will slip into a salwaar suit or even a saree if it is a fancy function, but in the 5.5 years I lived in India more and more places are deemed a decent place to wear a clean cut pair of pants and t-shirt so I go for that. DH observed I anyway look way better wearing western wear as a salwaar tends to make my frame bulky. So all the first casual salwaar sets are being discarded and given away as they wear old, and my wardrobe only has a few semi-formal of fancy casual ones left, while I roam around in linen pants and comfy tops (now maternity wear replaced that though).
But I'm now noticing that showing your cute baby bump off is still something people find a bit odd, the other day I was at an hypermarket grocery shopping with DH wearing maternity "cargo" pants and a top, and there was a lot of starring at the bump from people around, I was not alone in the cross hair though because interestingly enough, there was another pregnant lady in the cash counter queue right ahead of me wearing something fairly similar to my outfit and sporting an even bigger bump. What went through this upper middle class's minds now idea, was it the "flaunt your bump" attitude that puzzled them, or the fact that we were still on our feet in our swellness and actually doing grocery shopping on our own (with hubby's help) or both.

The fact is I read more and more about expecting Indian ladies belonging to the well off class seeking what is comfy for them and not what the society and tradition sees as such, which is bound to have people around talking and maids wondering why we squeeze ourselves in pants :-)


  1. Anonymous8:52 AM

    To each his own, I say. Personally, when I was pregnant, I hated wearing pants. I much preferred dresses because they were loose and there was nothing around my waist. Just do whatever makes you comfy.

  2. When I was in India, women who were pregnant hid their 'bump' as long as possible - the more superstitious so as not to get the evil eye, and the rest because it's just not done the same way it is in the States. Some people I know had babies and I never even realized they were expecting!


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