The cost of being Rhesus negative

11:24 AM

I've been told since the age of 15 when we had to do that biology class on blood groups that Rh- women have to be cautious while pregnant especially if their partner turned out to be Rhesus positive. And quite obviously I found myself in this exact position now. But while I always heard you get a shot to prevent the development of antibodies after the birth if your baby turns out to be Rh+ it seems that now they like doing a preventive Rhogam shot after 28 weeks of of gestation as well.
I guess that in Switzerland it would mean you OB doing the shot and you being billed for the whole consultation and treatment thing and not have to bother much more than that.
In India, well it's a bit more complicated, first my OB sent me for a indirect coombs test to determine if I was still anti-bodies free, which turned out to be the case. Then you need to head to your pharmacist and buy the Rhogam shot yourself and then find someone to give you the shot.
The only thing I fuss about is that this Rhogam thing cost a fortune here, clearly there must have been a generic brand I didn't know about! because the cost of the serum is 2700 rupees, and upon looking at the package closer, I understand why, the product has been manufactured in US shipped to India and repackaged in Mumbai by the local distributor. I can afford it, so no issue, but I would guess that there are less fortunate Rhesus negative ladies in this country who might not be able to spill that kind of money.

Then there was the matter of finding a place to have the injection, fortunately the kit I bought came with its own syringe so I could have gone anywhere and not worry too much about the hygiene factor, but I still decided for the piece of mind to head to the Apollo Clinic I visit for any blood test and simple medical procedures. There I'm shown into an exam room, it takes 2 persons to decide who will administer the shot, a Dr to tell me to lie down, and me to wait while the nurse who got the job to figure out how to administer the damn thing, because clearly the fact that the syringe came disassembled was a problem, and despite the clearly printed instructions she could not get it and had to run several times between the exam room and the lab to figure it out, after 15 minutes she finally comes back, warns me that I will feel a prick (hmmmm ok whatever) and the shot is done in matter of seconds, at the billing counter I'm charged 30 rupees for the shot despite the fact I brought my own injection material, I guess that was the price for warming an exam table for nearly 2o minutes...oh well I hope that the shot I'll get after delivery who have me run through the whole hospital myself with a baby in one arm.
In times like this, I really wished I was A positive instead of A negative.


  1. Eligius2:30 PM

    There would be very few Rhesus Negative people in India - most of them would be foreigners, or part-British. That's probably part of the reason why Rhogam is so expensive - it can't be bought in bulk!

  2. hi... i'm RH-ve n m going through the same plight... :( :( :(

  3. Awww hang in there :)


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