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The last room to be planned

11:40 AM

DH and I have always treated the other room in our 2BHK (Bedroom Hall Kitchen) as a dump for all the things that would not fit in the living room or the bedroom, and accessorily as our computer room (though it was supposed to be the main function of the room), over the years it went from plain minimalistic with a simple road side bought laminate computer desk and chair (which broke long ago), since Dh wanted good quality speakers on the computer we hooked the stereo to it, and in the early days this was resting directly on the box in which the music system came, later an old bed sheet covered the box to make the place look more roomy and less like a bachelor's pad.
After the wedding and all the cash we got we decided that we could free one of the wardrobe from all the books we accumulated (and the inside of the stereo box) and bought bookshelves, but since we had no real plan and couldn;t really agree on the proper function of that room we went for the cheapo type you find in small stores in Infantry road in Bangalore (bonus, it matched the cheapo desk).
Then we got a labrador puppy, who chew on the cheapo desk, and in time one foot wheel went off and the desk became unstable, I put DH's history dictionnary underneath to keep it even and we bought a bigger better desk relegating the wreck to another wall in the computer room because we both have the bad habit of not throwing stuff away so easily (can't still be used), and surely enough the old desk became an additional clutter catcher in the room along with the only surviving plastic chair from Chennai.
The room remained in this happy chaos for over a year, then when DH came back last December we realised that with a baby coming we better do something about that room to gain storage place, have a crib for baby to sleep in, and a place to work as well since I work from home and DH will do that a lot too this July.
And the debate started, about how to arrange the furniture, what to buy, and more important what to throw (yes the cheapo desk must go). Gone is the bachelor's dump theme we had going on in there, as after countless market surveys in various furniture stores across town we came to the Conclusion designing our own furnitures (I did it) and sending the blueprint to a carpenter was the way to go.
before the transformation our room at its best looking (though to make crap look good) was looking like this :

The metamorphosis process was about getting rid of these two horrid shelves (notice how one is competing with the Tower in Pisa), the most damaged of the two was given away to the carpenter, the still ok looking one went to the living room behind the entry door to store the crap we still call useful. The laptop desk went away too (finally) replaced by another one made of tinted rubberwood whcih I designed with an extra clutter drawer, the two bookshelves made way for a crib and a taller bookshelf. Crib purchased at Mothercare, and shelf designed by me. The gray plastic chair went in it's rightful place : on the terrasse and we added another piece of furniture designed by me : 

a drawer unit, because the two wardrobes are too full and illogically planned to put any baby clothing in there.

The final look :

Now we just need to work on not thinking the crib is a handy place to put everything we are too lazy to store away in a proper place because by July this won't be possible anymore. the only thing we need to change to complete the look is the old curtains we have in there. And maybe go on seriously about cleaning the wardrobes as it looks like something exploded in there.
that should do the trick until we can move to something bigger.


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