2nd Antenatal class

5:17 PM

Another Saturday, another class, this time it was the one about introduction to pregnancy and labor given by the head physiotherapist and the one partners are to attend as well.

Being at 35+ weeks I of course experienced most the symptoms so there wasn't anything new to me, plus I also read quite a few website articles and book to know more or less what to expect, DH though learned a few things since he doesn't have the time to read much about the labour part. I would say this is a very smart class to have for husbands to get familiar with the whole process as I suspect that for most that is the place they will get the most information about their wives pregnancy and what to expect.
The Dr also showed us a few simple exercise and stretching moves to alleviate the common muscle, joint and tendons pains we are or will all experience (some of the ladies where in their 25th or so weeks) and I found that very interesting since I'm a visual person and need to see the moves and positions to get them, not read about them and have an obscure doodle to illustrate it, though I must say it seems I'm getting heavier by the day and relief is starting to become hard to come by, but still her showing us the sleeping positions and how to support ourselves lying down actually helped me grasp the concept better and when applied at home I did sleep a tad better than before.

Next week we are having the class I'm most looking forward to : the Lamaze exercises and again the partner has to be there since they are to be involved during labour and play an active part, to be able to give us more individual attention and because the room is small she cut the class into 2 groups and I'll be attending the morning session. Now I just hope I'll get over my cold, because for the past 2 days I'm having a nasty cough, I think the monsoon did it again, as I manage to fall sick every year as soon as the mercury drops. This weekend was the first since early January having me look for a long sleeve t-shirt, and even some socks!


  1. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Cyn -

    I have to ask - why do they hold classes like this so late in pregnancy? It seems that this would be material that's helpful early on, and then continue through the 9 months.


  2. Well from what the leaflet says they accept enrollement after the 20th week of pregnancy, I think because that's when the anomaly scan comes.

    I got in late because when I asked my OB about antenatal classes she said it's better to take them around 7-8 months that way the content stays fresh in your mind, maybe she didn't know how complete the course I took was, but definitely diet and bnutrition and the part about introduction to pregnancy should come earlier, but then again OBs should normally brief the mom to be on eating well anyway.

  3. Deepa, Bangalore4:56 PM

    Hello Cyn,
    I have enrolled for Manipal's classes starting July 4. I would have just finished 20 weeks then. So now that you've attended all 4 classes, can you tell me if it was useful? Would you recommend this class to other would-be moms? Your feedback would be valuable! Thanks!


  4. Thanks for posting a comment Deepa,

    I would HIGLY recommend the antenatal program at Manipal hospital to any woman. The sessions are short and yet informative with plenty of room for questions to be asked. The two sessions where husbands are joining are also wonderful, my DH found them very informative as well.
    Starting after the 20th week is a good thing because that way you can get familliar with some of the exercises early on and practice them while they still won't be too painful and really go into a proper exercising routine. You might also want to have a one hour session repeated later on in pregnancy as your due date approach, that's what the physiotherapist recommends too.

    For me the most useful of the 4 classes were the one where you do practice the exercises (session 2 on the leaflet) and the class on breastfeeding and postnatal care (session 3), because I was a bit late to enroll to really benefit from the diet and nutrition class and I read many books and article about pregnancy so that I knew what to expect during pregnancy, but even then these had really great infos as well.

  5. Deepa7:56 PM

    Thanks so much for your response. I now feel encouraged to attend! I'll let you know how it goes :)

  6. All the best to you Deepa, when are you due?


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