The Axe Effect

4:21 PM

In the history of commercials done to promote deodorant or perfume, Axe is probably the only one who found the right formula by not only selling the product to the obvious consumer : men, but also to their significant other or potential partners.

Yes I'm a woman and not ashamed to admit that each time they come with a new fragrance and therefore commercial I'm wondering what that deodorant might smell like and would probably as tempted as a guy to buy it out of curiosity. And I think the way the commercials are made are pure genius, first the guys aren't necessarily the picture perfect sex symbol, in fact in most of their commercial, they look more like the cute guy next door, a bit geek-ish sometimes, and definitely average looking with nothing too memorable about them. The message here is clear: "Hey you common Joe, we are talking to YOU". Ditto with the ladies in the add, they look nice have perfect figures, but aren't over the top sexy and not vulgar as it it the case in a few other commercials selling the same type of products. which to the man will mean that with axe he will get to attract the average cute looking gal as well. To ladies watching the ad, well the message is also quite clear "Get Axe for your guy and you'll get to sexify him a bit more". If this isn't brilliant what is?

Yet a few months back a friend of mine told me that when the "Axe Temptation" commercial (the one with the chocolate guy) went out in France they banned it after a while, the reason? Adds in which loads of women are going numb to their knees for a guy is degrading to women! The feminists have spoken, the axe falls.
The whole issue went in the back of my mind as I found it utterly ridiculous then, but an article about women in India in the newspaper this morning and a blurb about women in commercials, that combined with the showing of the Axe temptation commercial on TV had refreshed the topic in my memory and here is what I have to say:
"When will women get to ever win"? Because if we are ogled at, whistled at, in real life or in a movie, or an ad for that matter, it is considered eve teasing and degrading to women as they inevitably fall in the pretty thing with no brain category while the man gets all the pleasure and glory. And if there is a media daring reversing the roles and putting the lady in the whistling, ogling boy crazy position, it is considered degrading because they are "lowering" themselves to a man's level, man who will again be put in the good position as the one getting the pleasure out of it. Give me a break! But yet it seems hard core feminist would rather see the men-woman interaction thing completely brushed aside. Yet their targets are medias in which women are or belittled by a guy or have desires for the opposite sex. But so far nothing wrong with a commercial showing ladies dancing and grinning holding boxes of laundry detergent and white linen, or woman going out of their way buying a better cooking oil to continue preparing fatty food for their plump husband deluding themselves into thinking that the new oil is better and that they have their sweeter's half interest at heart while keeping them healthier? I haven't heard any bashing of such commercials the way lingerie and cosmetic ads are commonly criticized, be it in India, or abroad.

And if the feminists idea of the ideal woman is one that looks average, steer clear of the chromosome XY gender without any lusty desire for it, is pictured as a dominatrix, power hungry, household goddess/ruthless corporate, leading a double life of perfect boss and perfect wife...PLEASE turn me into a guy this instant, because clearly my kind has lost its mind and is seriously focusing on the wrong issues!


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