Creepy bugs

Creation's aberration

2:18 AM

Since the hormones decided to turn the natural night owl that I was before into someone who can't even find sleep once the sun sets I might as well do something a bit more productive of my extra wake time than simply tossing and turning and loosing my marbles.

Tonight, my mission seems to be to make other night creatures' life miserable. Until now I thought that the title of "creation's aberration" belonged to mosquitoes for robbing me further of shut eye time, but tonight I remembered that another 6 legged horror deserved this one as well : the cockroach!
They are huge, ugly, dirty, crawl way too fast not to be creepy, and seem to carry a global invasion plan every monsoon. They feast on god knows what as soon as the night gets thick and you can spend months not knowing your kitchen has been claimed if you are a normal human being who sleeps 8 to 10 hours and do not need to visit the fridge, or water bottles on the way back from each bathroom trips. When you notice them, it means that the invasion has already gone out of hand.
Enters Cyn the exterminator and her trusted slipper! I killed them before and have no mercy for them, I spotted a few last few last week already, and got to work, thinking I was done, but tonight around midnight when I was ready to give snoozing a chance, one of these creepy crawlies nearly gave me a heart attack when I was trying to fill the bedside bottle I keep in order to minimise the nocturnal tours of my apartments. I was quick to draw the pesticide spray out and started "pfffffffting" around angrily after seeing another of the intruder in my saucepans. In matter of seconds I had 3 big ones out agonizing on my kitchen floor and a whole lot of smaller one zooming around, so I sprayed some more, and thankfully me having sharp senses I heard some twitching in a cardboard box, and my stock of paper bags so I sprayed these two spots heavily, squashed a few juniors for good measures, caught a 4th big one, and told DH that our Sunday activity was now decided : cleaning the kitchen and getting rid of the bugs. Satisfied by my killing spree, I go back to doing what I planned : sleep. That was until about 30 minutes ago, when in my trademark light sleep stage I felt something tickling on my shoulder and proceeded to brush it off only to have my finger meet something that feel like bad news, and goes off my shoulder and crash on the floor with a familiar...too familiar noise, in a flash I'm wide awake and see that what decided to disturb me was another big cockroach, it takes 3 second more for me to switch on the light, find a slipper and squash it. And 5 more to rush to the kitchen to see what my bug spray didn't get and kill 5 more adults there and quite a few small ones as well.
Two thing crossed my mind then, first I had a flashback from the first night in my first residence in Bangalore (barely 2 weeks after coming to India) where I had to deal with a much much bigger army. Then the second thought was for mother nature for allowing such a stupid, disgusting creature to even exist, clearly humans aren't supposed to be cockroaches natural predator, and whoever feeds on them lower in the food chain must be able to survive on something else as well, so why on Earth would they even exist? I am arachnophobic, hate spiders but understand that they do their part at controlling the mosquito and fly population, so when I see one even if I could kill it (not easy when you are frozen in fear) I don't think I would. I gratefully leave lizards be in my place because they control the insect population too, but what does a big brown ugly cockroach do? Apart from procreating in dark damp corners of kitchens and sometimes even finding their way in dried food stuff such as flour, rice and lentils? I haven't found a logical explanation for their existence yet, their sole purpose in life being in my eyes to fulfil the role of number one household pest and now making me even less keen on trying to give sleep another chance, and when I think that in some region of the globes some people eat them and buy them roasted claiming they are yummy snacks, you got to be kidding me! And don't get me started on those who see them as pets and embellish them with swarovsky crystals and put a tiny leash on them.


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