First Antenatal class

12:47 PM

Last Saturday was the first of the 4 classes organized by Manipal hospital for pregnant women.
My OB recommended this one when I asked for Lamaze classes.

Well the first class I attended was about nutrition and pregnancy followed by one hour of yoga. Not exactly the part of the whole course I was the most interested in since I'm now in my 35th week of pregnancy, but even then I must admit that considering there was one hour of diet recommendation and one hour of yoga they did go straight at the essential a pregnant woman should know. The nutrition session was given by a dietitian, and explained when the baby grows the most and how much food is actually needed, kicking the big fat myth that a woman has to eat for two right in the but, and also reminding us that this is not an excuse to indulge in more fried food, more sweets and the like, but keep a balanced diet, and ended the session answering questions, I had none, but some of the other ladies brought the traditional Indian myth of nutrition during pregnancy including the prohibition by their families to eat papaya, pineapple and even mango, which again is all myth and in fact depriving the body of a wide variety of food simply on the say of an old wive tale will deprive the body of essential nutrients in the process. All in all a well put together class, that should be in my opinion conducted as soon as a woman knows she is pregnant.
The yoga class was very brief, as it was just an introduction (women interested in prenatal yoga can sign up for a more complete antenatal yoga class), we did only a few breathing exercises, which I was already quite familiar with from all the yoga classes I took back in Switzerland, the instructor wasn't very fluent in English and a bit over enthusiastic to my taste but still a very nice lady, what was very interesting in that class is that despite my knowing those breathing exercises, I found out that doing them while heavily pregnant is a bit challenging the body do not react the same, now the trick would be for me to do them regularly.

Next Saturday is the introduction to pregnancy, and delivery class, and this is the class along with the next one that the head physiotherapist said is not only for pregnant women but expectant father as well, so DH will tag along. The one in 2 weeks is the one that is purely about Lamaze and is also the longest of all the session, that is the one I'm most look forward to as my due date is fast approaching. Then I will conclude the whole program with a breastfeeding and postnatal fitness class which I also think is a very nice addition to the antenatal course they offer.

So far from the things I saw in Manipal hospital things seem to be handled efficiently and professionally, not like my experience in Wockhartd, they are probably as costly though did cut the crap of making the place look dead posh and fancy keeping it looking like what it should look in the first place: A hospital. I must say that so far it is a huge relief for me.


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