The stage is set

6:49 PM

And now we are all waiting for the show.
According to most books, my OB, and about everybody in the know, once you pass the 37 weeks marker, baby can safely make their big entrance anytime, and I'm about ready for that.
The essentials have been purchased (and I'll have to reflect on the cost of bringing a new life in the world one day), I completed my antenatal program (and the last 2 sessions lived to their expectation and more), I now know more or less what to expect of Manipal hospital and delivering a baby there, in theory, I know what will relieve pain or how to cope with it. And I just rationally decided that I would try not to let little details of the birth process bug me and do just as the physiotherapist in the course said: "Go with the flow".
As of now I feel like I did when being backstage in my acting days, right behind the curtain, hearing the crowd in the theater and let their quiet anticipation fuel me up for the show to come, knowing that I'm as ready as can be but still wondering what the evening will have in store for me. Except this time, I have no crowd to spy on from behind a curtain, I have props screaming parenthood all over my apartments reminding me that this is it, the next chapter of my life is just about to begin.
According to the plan, there is just 3 weeks to go.


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