Why do they keep asking me this question?

10:22 AM

"Are you able to manage all by yourself?"

A question that I heard a bit too many time since breaking the new that I'm pregnant, a question that is probably on the lips of many who don't dare asking it, and a question that has me wanting to roll my eyes. A question I heard only from the people I know in India.

The last one in the serie was from a lady at a language academy I work with as a translator and occasionally teacher. Not that it's the first time I'm asked by her. But with my due date coming she had to ask again, told her my husband was around, but she asked if my family was there, told her that my in-laws will come in July around the due date and that is when she asked the "But are you able to manage all by yourself?" yet again.
My oh my oh my! What is so challenging that a woman can't just be by "herself"? Not that it is even the case since DH is here and does his fare share of housekeeping. Are really pregnant women supposed to be disabled, bed ridden as their tummy swell and considered practically invalid, justifying a small crew of family member to flock in and take over the household?

I really do not see myself in the role of the damsel in distress just because I packed a few pounds, can't see my feet and need to mind my back as my body copes with the clear unbalance of bearing a child, as far as I know if women weren't able to do move around they sure wouldn't be the one getting pregnant nature would not have intended it that way.
Sure squatting down to pick up things on the ground is tough, so much that if I can avoid it I won't do it, but if it has to be done I sure won't shy away from it, and heck doesn't matter if it takes me twice as long to stand erect again (and a few grunts to get me going). Of course cooking is hard mostly because my kitchen has apparently been designed with a dwarf in mind and the counter has always been too low, now with the extra weight in the front it can be painful to chop veggies for too long, but that's what food processors are for, and fridge and freezer and microwave, so that I can cook in bulk, and reheat sparing myself the daily ordeal.
And quite obviously I would not go on about doing stuff I was doing before getting pregnant the same way, I reset my priorities long time back, the point is I'm managing just fine, differently but fine.
And thankfully my doctor thinks I'm doing great too, not too much weight gained, just the right amount, no health problem, no complications, nothing that warrants a bed rest and confinement. So all in all no reason to not be able to manage going on with my life, with minor adjustments of course (and a good dose of sheer common sense).

The mystery remain as why the people around me seem to think I should be doing what I do "alone" and I swear if one person ask this question again, I will ask why they think so because that sure baffles me.


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