So....I had a baby

2:11 PM

It happened on July 6th which also happens to be our wedding anniversary, but we wouldn't have known that until the last moment as it was a close call.

The contractions started on July 5th at 3am, and were not to close to each other or intense, all through the day they went more and more regular, and it is at 6pm that I reached the 10 minutes gap which meant "drive to hospital" so DH and I went on our way to Manipal hospital, where admission was a breeze and after a 30 minutes monitoring the doctor said my labour would take more time, leaving me the choice of or going home, or staying. I opted for staying because I had no idea how much more time it would take to really reach active labour, and didn't want to confuse my dog with too many back and forth. DH was beside me most of the time but I apparently picked the right time to go into labour, his parents were on their way to Bangalore that day, and originally DH was to pick them up at around 9pm at the Airport, we all know it didn't happen that way but he was coordinating things over the phone.
By 8 the contractions started picking up, by 9.30 I was screaming through them, and got a pain reliever (I said no to the epidural as I wanted a least medicated birth as possible), from then labor picked on real fast and by 12.27 am on July 6th, our baby girl was born.

The first thing I checked was the gender, I'm really not sure if the OB mentioned it I wasn't listening too much in the end, but the minute I saw her I squealed of delight because a girl is exactly what DH and I were wishing for.

Our hospital stay was extremely pleasant, well as pleasant as it can be when you are recovering from giving birth to a baby, but there is one thing I must must must MUST mention after reading so many negative comments about Manipal hospital online over the month.
All the staff from the nurses to the cleaning staff, was extremely helpful, polite and efficient. Hats off to all my nurses in particular for helping me in my recovery and bearing with my mad screaming through the pain of contraction and their cheers to support me through it, and patiently taking care of me the first few hours postpartum when I fainted in the bathroom and broke a bucket, for all their help in the first few havoc with breastfeeding, and their kind answers to my questions. Hats off to the food team as well, from the dietitian dropping in daily to ask if I liked the food and wished to continue with the South Indian diet to the unseen and unknown hand putting all my tiffins together letting me enjoy tasty, hygienic and copious meals, and to the decency of the delivery guy, who on a few occasion quietly put down my meal thermos box without noise when I was sleeping only to wake up to find it waiting for me.

And finally, let me share my girl's name and a picture. Welcome to the world Ishita!


  1. Wow! Comgratulation! Your little girl is beautiful!

  2. Vanessa7:26 AM

    Awwww, so sweet! She is beautiful!

  3. What a sweetie! She is so cute. Congrats!

  4. Archana7:38 PM


  5. Congratulations to you and your husband on your beautiful little baby girl. She's absolutely angelic! Hopefully, you're getting some rest between baby and guests (not possible, I know, but hopefully, it's all settling down well).

  6. Congratulations!! Ishita is a darling!
    And thanks for the review on Manipal..am gonna deliver there!


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