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How to use pink wisely

4:58 PM

Pink has long been associated with girls and babies, my generation practically rebelled at the sight of a pink t-shirt when reaching the critical and idiotic age of 13 (sweet teenagehood I so not miss you).
Yet ironically it's my generation that is now the prime target for electronic items and all major brand have pink as part of their palette, pink laptops, pink iPods, pink camera, pink phones...And it's my same teenage pink snorter generation that is now happily flaunting these and is thinking pink is cool.
Well let me tell you, I know one reason why ladies my age now go for pink when they would cry to injustice if their mom made the fatal mistake of buying a pink pair of socks or a pink scrunchie when they were 15, the reason is that pink is a man repellent and the perfect way to make sure he will not steal your electronic gizmo from you. Pink completely negates the natural attraction to anything hi-tech a man has, pink is more efficient at making sure you will be the only one enjoying your iPod and YOUR music than a bullet proof, 5 lock, digital safe.
No man will want to even been caught dead with one of these, I sure know I efficiently "hubby-snatch-proofed" the iPod I got for my birthday last year by telling my mom (who was the one gifting it to me) to buy it in hot pink, my sister even threw a "Hello Kitty" cover for it in the deal, DH might have had set an eye on it since his iPod is an older version (though his has still more storage space), but the pink repulsed him enough to never even try to upload one of his song on it.

Now we all know how to keep a man from using certain things in public due to their girliness, but if you want a man to actually help, let's say with baby related things like carrying a diaper bag or pushing a stroller. Because I noticed, more in Europe than in India that men will not want to touch a pastel stroller with flowers and frills with a 10ft pole, but make it in masculine hues with a sporty look and they will happily push junior around while you shop and not even bug you if you spend too much time at it.
DH used to complain each time we went grocery shopping and apart from asking "Are you done" 300 times he would also throw in all type of crackers, and snacks without looking at the price tag and then complain about the bill amount and blame it on my toilet paper and shampoo (yeah right!). Now he is happily doing 5 laps around Spar pushing Ishita in her stroller (a black and brown one) while I'm left hissing and cursing at the crowd of Saturday grocery hunters that are in my way, but hey our grocery bill is a bit lower now.


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