One day of solo parenting

10:29 PM

DH had to go for a short business trip leaving me in charge of the ship and undisciplined crew (dog and baby).

Here is what it looks like :

Thursday, 6am: Wake up to Jasmine (dog) slowly pushing her furry butt in my sleepy face to make me understand that dawn has already broken and that the time to open the door to the terrace is starting to be overdue. Sleepy me sleepwalk myself to the door, with Jasmine in my legs (the challenge being not to trip). Once the dog is out, I go back to the bedroom to hear Ishita groan and smack her mouth...time for breakfast, so I sleepwalk myself to the kitchen to prepare a bottle of formula (yes switched to formula) and back to the bedroom to pick up sleepy daughter, change her diaper and feed her.

7am: Ishita's tank is full and she happily goes back to sleep for a little while, just in time for Jasmine to walk back in the bedroom with her "Kong" wagging her tail madly the message is clear: time to play already. By experience I know that all resistance is futile, if I ignore her and go back to bed, she will drag half the content of my house outside, and periodically drool all over my face of jump on my chest and 40 kg of doggie on your body isn't pleasant.
Jasmine gets tired of fetch pretty fast, so I'm free to go to the kitchen, dump a mug of water in the microwave in order to make my morning tea and start a load of laundry

7.30am: Ishita isn't happy about being in her crib all alone and cries, go pick her up while Jasmine takes all my dusters out thinking they need some fresh air, noticed she already thought my slippers needed to get some sunrise exposure too, so with my free hand I grab a treat (do not want to run so early and play catch if you can with a baby over my shoulder) trade the treat for the dusters and shoes and take them inside only to hear the newspaper crash on the terrace and Jasmine's nail clicking suggesting she made a mad rush for it and is now holding it as a hostage, so take another treat and go to the rescue of the morning paper with Ishita still enjoying the morning walk from my left shoulder, in the meantime the tea is getting cold already.

8am: Ishita is content being in her bouncer so I drink my tea, and check my emails, while Jasmine wander around elaborating her next Machiavellian plan to drive me closer to insanity, she finds the mug in our bathroom (indian alternative to toilet paper) and kidnap it making another mad rush to the terrace, but scarily enough my reflexes are faster...must be the tea, so I manage to grab the mug without bribing her with a treat. Go back to computer and notice Ishita is happily sleeping in the bouncer.

8.30am: The maid comes in, Jasmine greet her with her dirty towel and follow her wagging tail to the kitchen. Ishita wakes up and cries, seems to me like she has a diaper emergency, and indeed it was a big potty, so I go on a morning poo-poo mission, by the end of it she wants food again. And sleeps half way through her bottle, I put her in the crib, but she cries 5 minutes later realising that mommy put her down, the second she is back in my arms she smiles at me. At the same time I hear newspapers being shuffled in the kitchen and the maid screaming "maaaaaa" Jasmine has destroyed the neat pile of old newspaper and scattered it on the kitchen floor as a sign of protest for not getting her morning walk...told DH it would be hell. In a true new mom maneuver I kick all the papers back on the shelve under the counter and who cares if they are no longer in a neat pile?

9.30: The maid left, Jasmine is sulking on the terrace and Ishita is in her bouncer cooing to her toys, I rush to the kitchen to make myself some eggs sunny side up and eat them with Jasmine right in my face.

10 am: The cook comes and I give him instructions, yes got a cook, the idea of cutting veggies and trying to find time to cook them along with dal, and chapati is daunting and before he came I used to suddenly realise at 4pm that I skipped lunch...not good, jasmine decide to annoy him by snuggling at his feet and making a point of always being in the way, then go about to chew DH's rubber dumbells. By the time the cook left she is sleeping, and so is Ishita. So I decide to get some translation work done, but half an hour into it I have to stop Ishita wants some entertainment...please note I didn't get shower yet.

Thursday afternoon: The dog is out for the day, I manage to have lunch, and then decide to see why exactly my laptop has been performing at a dead slow pace for the past few weeks, and the geek in me tries to take over, but the new mom is stronger and Ishita wins, a few bottles and diapers later I'm watching the sunset, and feeding Ishita her what is usually last bottle of the day before she sleeps while watching "Friends" (at 7pm) then I get my dinner. Oh and yes I finally got my shower at 6pm. I'm not the only one having a new found energy with pending dusk, Jasmine is all set to try to sap this energy out of me by first taking all the dusters for sunset watch, I ignore her because my evening tea is more vital at the moment, I drink it with Ishita on my shoulder enjoying the sight around her.

10pm: Ishita wakes up again, not because she is hungry, but because she wants my arms, jasmine barks at the stray dogs in the street making me feel ashamed of having such a crazy dog, I care about my neighbours so I try to have her inside and quiet.

10.30pm: Ishita is sleeping, and I get ready for bed, Jasmine hops on DH's side and wait for me. I toss and turn for more than half an hour, because my stupid body clock is set on the program "Day = sleep, Night=active" But exhaustion takes the best out of me and I crash.

5am: Ishita wants food, so go make a bottle, and feed her while Jasmine wakes up hear some really early birds outside and sniffs out of the window, by 5.30 she wants to go out I open the door put Ishita back in her crib and myself back under the blanket.

7am: Jasmine decided that enough is enough, and bring a dirty and empty plastic plant pot on the bed and dump it on me with all the sand it still has. Yell at her and wake up Ishita. Pick up baby, and put her in the bouncer in the kitchen while I wash her bottles and count my blessings: at least it's cloudy today I don't get to see the offensive sunrise through the east facing window of both the kitchen and bedroom. I then go to the bathroom to notice the washing machine is still full with yesterday's load, so I go hang it out while Jasmine proceed to take all the dusters out again.

And the day continues like the day before, I can't wait for DH to be back and help out with Jasmine.


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