Baby takes the city

6:09 PM

Again, sorry for not updating much, the past two weeks were busy with a visit from my mom, who came all the way from Switzerland to meet her grand daughter and celebrate Diwali with us. I also decided not to play Mrs festive Grinch and go on and on about the total abuse of firecrackers during Diwali which surprisingly wrought my nerves more than Ishita's.

Nope I will talk about Ishita's big take on the city's mall and side walk, courtesy of a baby carrier. Bangalore is not a stroller friendly place (isn't even a pedestrian heaven) so we decided to go with the baby carrier, a strap on contraption that allows you to carry baby on your chest. In fact DH and I bought one before her birth but we now realised that trying to save money there was a huge mistake as the synthetic fabric on that one was rough and bruised Ishita's leg, never mind that the straps were also not so well designed and put a huge strain on my back. So after one day of use we decided to buy a better one from mothercare : soft washable fabric, easy clip system to allow one to slide baby in and out easily, and more important than all a specially designed strap on system that will take care of mom or dad's back and prevent injuries.

Equipped with our new tool, my mom and I took all the shopping malls and even went to Nandi Hills with Ishita snugly strapped to my chest. Turned out she is a crowd stopper in this thing, and she got quite a fan club everywhere we went. India has a thing for babies, but in this thing I got more eyes on me than I ever had, quite a few persons even raised the question of how comfy that thing was feeling certain that the pouch was strangling her or hurting her dangling legs which I can assure was not the case, when she would fall asleep in it people would stare even more because she looked like a rag doll.

Here is a picture of Ishita enjoying her new transportation medium:

Now you can understand why people had concerns about her neck, but it isn't as tight as it looks like and it is made of really soft fabric, she loves the rocking feeling she gets from my walking, and I enjoy the work out coming from carrying her while walking while still having my hands free and my back supported the right way...this is a win win situation indeed.


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