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Baby to Mommy... do you copy?

6:24 PM

Sorry for not updating much, I quite obviously had my hand full. Ishita is doing great and just last week was upgraded to the travel bed and bassinet in our bedroom to her own wooden crib in the other room which is great because the travel bed was taking a lot of space in our room.

But in order to make the transition to the big bed we needed one piece of baby gear more: The baby monitor!
Well from what I saw, there isn't much choice in India, the only brand I found was "CORE" they have several models, and I went for the "Crystal" one which is a one way (baby to mom) and has a voice activated soft glow light on the baby's unit.
The monitor seems decent enough, the only problem is that it comes only with one 9v AC adapter when both unit could run on it which means you are better off plugging the baby's unit to an outlet and put a 9v battery in the parent's unit, and gosh that parent's unit seem to be consuming a lot of batteries, it doesn't help that the only 9v batteries we managed to find are the crappy, low quality Indian brands that are probably part of the reason why we are changing them every other night, I'm trying to get my hand on Duracel ones, but these square little 9v batteries aren't that easy to find.
Performance wise the monitor works well, surprisingly well considering that the urban Indian environment is bound to create a LOT of interference (and does so). On the instruction manual, they say to keep the baby's unit within a 3 meter radius from baby to ensure that the microphone will capture baby's noises, mine does all that and even captures the car's horns in the street and the across the street neighbour's dog, not bad at all except you can't rely too much on the sound volume light meter on the unit since just about anything triggers it.
The big problem is that despite having two channels to choose from, interferences do occur if the microwave, or the TV or about anything emitting waves is around the parent's unit, and I bet all these satellite dish tv thing aren't making it any easier, so if you are on your terrace before 11pm when most of your neighbours and yourself are watching TV the unit will pick up a lot of parasite noises confusing the sound reception meter further. And no that is not a problem that could come from that brand, I have been around a few of these baby monitors in Switzerland (all type of brands) they are sensitive little gizmo, even your hand placed near the antenna can make it go parasite crazy, the frequency the operate on is a sensitive one as well as a very short length one to make sure you aren't picking up alien signals, such as police radio, or god knows what else.

We generally use ours when we go to bed, around 11pm or so, and then the signal is way cleaner provided the battery in the unit isn't too flat to receive a signal and it catches Ishita stomping her feet on the mattress before the fussing and whining starts easily.

As I said previously the only issue is that the batteries we found get flat in barely one night of use, but the only way to know that the battery is too weak is to have some one make noise near the baby's unit and see if your parent's unit picks it up, because believe it or not, the "on" light can be on, the "receive" light can be on and if the battery is not strong enough you will not hear anything. I'm working on the option of finding a second 9v AC adaptor, but the brand is not selling extra accessories in stores apparently, and I really need to make sure that whatever universal AC adaptor I buy has the right polarity or the option to switch the polarity, and DH isn't too hopeful on finding good quality and get the question of the polarity answered honestly by a too eager to sell or totally ignorant salesperson, as I find out that in India people are quick to say "Yes sir, yes ma'am this is the right thing" even if it is wrong. I don't mind being told that"Yes ma'am size 28 pants will fit you right, try it" when I'm a size 34, all I risk then is seeing my self esteem shrink in the trial room. But the wrong polarity on an adaptor not compatible with the device you are trying to use it on can fry the device and ruin it thank you very much.


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