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Around the world in 80 wipes

9:17 PM

Or less...
The arrival of a baby makes you discover a whole new world of products: Baby hygiene items. Diapers, lotion, powder, wipes...wait a second, wipes are by far the most fascinating around here.
Who would have thought there were so many brands to begin with, and what's more, all of them seem to be imported, I swear I could find a wipe from each country if I were looking hard enough, here is my list:

Japan : Yes you would never have guessed but the Land of The rising Sun is exporting a whole range of baby products to India, most of it overpriced (who would pay 1000+ rupees on a pack of 40 diapers?) Their wipes are by far the costliest of my review, 210 rupees for a pack of 70 wipes. The quality? Fair enough, they are unscented, gentle on Ishita's skin, the package has a little plastic lid that allows you to preserve the moisture, but the price isn't justified, I don't care about Japan's reputation for high tech products, to wipe poop who cares?

UK: well the brand is UK based, but I bet their are manufactured elsewhere, Mothercare wipes are still by far the cheapest of the lot, and as efficient and gentle as the Pigeon brand above, 195 rupees for a pack of 80 wipes, coming in a pack with a plastic lid, which is pretty much the standard in wipes world. The con, unless you have a Mothercare nearby driving there to get them negates the saving you'll make, so whenever you go there to buy something else, stock up on the wipes!

Taiwan: That one comes as an odd one, because the brand is Johnson's and I know there are products from the line manufactured in India, but the only wipes I found from them were available in Spar at 159 rupees for a pack of 70. The verdict? They were the absolute WORST ever, first the pack was coming without a lid, and the sticky flap you are supposed to put back in place looses its stickiness after 2-3 uses. The the products reeks of that cheap Johnson's scent and oozes the white lotion soaking the wipes each time you open the pack (here's why the seal won't work), stored in the diaper back in that condition the white gunk will end up on everything, and Ishita developed rashes from use number one. I should have thrown the pack away but insanity had me use it to the last stinky wipe (most of it on my hands to just use them for the sake of using them and feel like I haven't been ripped off).

US: Yes yes there are still some stuff that are made in the USA, and are exported to India apart from call center jobs, Pampers Clean n Go wipes come in a pack of 60 for 169 rupees (or is it 165??), and are the second best in my test, Mothercare being the first. The smell isn't offensive or irritating to the skin, the wipes are a bit thick considering that's something you throw away after use, but they are gentle on the skin, wipe clean in one swift passage and the pack has a plastic lid and the wipes don;t come saturated in the moisturizing agent. After using Johnson which is supposed to be a trusted brand I was wary of using another big name, turned put I was surprised.

Czeck Republic: Actually manufactured there I think the original distributor is from Belgium, Helen Harper, a totally obscure brand available at Health And Glow pharmacies, the wipes reeks of alcohol despite the package claiming there is none, the smell is offensive, Ishita broke into rashes after the first use and a pack of 72 wipes costs 195 rupees, so on top of being crappy this is also costly. That's what DH brought back from a hunting expedition for wipes, can't blame him from buying a few packs of assorted brand, he got confused and lost in the big scary world of baby butt care. I didn't repeat the Johnson's debacle mistake, I stopped using most of them on my hands and my daughter's butt, the strong smell of alcohol made me think they would be great to wipe her hands after she played with our dog, and to wipe her toys clean (as well as making great dusters on the bookshelves....who would have thought).

India: Yes yes there are some domestic wipes, they are probably the costliest of the lot, since Himalaya Ayurvedic products do not make bigger packs than a 20 wipes pack priced 48 rupees. They are good, gentle on baby's skin, they were actually the first wipes I used on Ishita while still in the hospital because on July 4th (I gave birth on the 6th at 12.27am) I told DH that we HAD to go urgently to the supermarket to buy diapers and wipes, DH rolled his eyes thinking I was a bit nut since the EDD was July 12 and I had no sign of labor yet, but I guess mother's instinct knows best...HA! I never used these wipes after the 2 pack I bought were over simply because the price is a deterrent, how on Earth would a product made locally cost more than something made in US, Ayurveda do not justify the expense since it's basically just a type of high tech toilet paper we are talking about for crying out loud! I use the baby lotion from their range though as it smells great.

China: the only one I haven't tried and will not : Mee Mee, the pack says alcohol free, but also says "Lemon scented", I associate lemon scent with floor cleaner, bathroom air freshner and the small hand wipes you get in some airways company, not something I would put on my daughter's butt after a potty, might as well spray her with Lemon Pledge if making her smell like fake nimboo was the main goal. I don;t remember the price for the pack of 70-ish wipes it was around the price of the Johnson's because I remember holding the pack from that brand the day I decided to buy the pink monstrosity.

Little morale from this review? Imported isn't always superior, in many case it is cheaper though, when will India corner the wipes market so that we have options beside overpriced Ayurvedic poop cleaners since clearly making quality is totally achievable locally? And when will the big retail Nawabs stop trying to make the crowds adhere to the deceiving marketing line "Imported" as a "proof" of superior quality?


  1. Deepa2:12 PM

    Hey Cyn,
    Himalaya's baby wipes come in a pack of 72. Costs Rs 121. Quite economical and the quality is very good. I even use it to clean my baby's feet in between his toes etc! You'll get it in MK Retail on CMH Road. Or order it online from

  2. Wow I was wondering if they even did bigger packs of wipes, all I saw was the 24 wipes and they cost way more than in the 72 packs. I love the Himalaya baby products, they smell good and they are very gentle on baby's skin, I even use the rash cream on myself when I have a heat rash, works wonder.

    For the wipes I'll have to look for the online option CMH rd is a bit far for me to go shopping just for wipes, I have a Health and Glow nearer to me, so I got used to the pampers wipes.


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