How much censorship is ludicrous censorship?

7:48 PM

Watch TV in India and it doesn't take long to notice that movies, and TV series are getting "edited" when things start being a bit to PG-13 or R-rated, no matter what the original rating was.

5-6 years ago the only words getting beeped were "fuck" and "shit", a naked butt would be blurred, a too deep cleavage would get the same treatment, a lady punching a guy in the nut (as in Sister Act) would get cut. But back then the same sex kissing scene in "Friends" were still there.

Now it seems that some channels take it even further, while the same sex kissing is now cut, Zee Cafe beeped words such as "bitch" and "bastard" out of the Friends dialogues, even blur the word if it appear written in the series.
Movies are also getting more editing it seems, and with the recent trend of adding English Subtitles under the English playing movie, the words that aren't getting beeped and are still allowed are edited in the written version, so if you hear "ass" you will read "butt" or see a blank. The word "shit" gets a beep, but is subtitled as "crap" and so on.

Right now I have "Miss Congeniality" playing on HBO, I own the DVD, and saw that movie a couple of time on TV. But apparently the scene in which she gets the fake breast inserted in her bikini was cut, no longer appropriate to see a gay man being so close to a beauty queen's boobs, in fact in most movies the word boob is offensive should you know. But Miss Congeniality got crazy subtitles, ass is blanked, so is Dalai Lama (why oh why?), and panties is an offensive word to write too, but bizarrely the "Satan's" in the same sentence didn't get edited out of the text, so yeah Dalai Lama is bad, but Satan is good...what is the message here? It makes me wonder if the censor board in most TV channel hasn't lost their mind.
But the most laughable is when a channel like PIX is putting a disclaimer before a movie starts saying "This movie has been edited for suitable family viewing in India", no matter that the movie is a horror gorry flick that is by no way a family picture. In my opinion a better disclaimer would be to say something like "This movie contains graphic scene, viewer's discretion is advisable". In fact such a disclaimer should be put before every movie, because there are cartoons designed for kids that are shocking (who never cried watching Bambi?).

But the last thing censorship wants is for people to use their own discretion, nope that would give us too much freewill wouldn't it? It is indeed so much more easier and appropriate to think the viewer is dumb and cannot hear while they are reading the movie, or that by putting beeps everywhere that will make us totally ignorant of the bad word we've been spared. I find it ludicrous because in an attempt at ill political correctness, they are actually insulting the viewer and making us that much more obvious about the word they tried to hide.

And I don't want to hear about the making a movie suitable for family viewing, a kid has no business seeing a war movie, or a horror flick, even if the boobs have been cut out and the "asses" turned into "butts". Parents should use their common sense, and switch off the idiot box when kids are around, or watch inoffensive cartoons until their kiddos bedtime, and save the gore for later, these movies keep showing over and over and over again in all time slots, so there surely must be one adults can watch while the kids are sleeping, no need to have a discriminative board tell us the rights and wrong. And if people get offended by a few graphic details, they should remember that just because they don't like doesn't mean it should be banned, after all they have the power to switch off their idiot box and choose not to watch a movie they object to.

Freewill that is!


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