Dear Anonymous,

10:38 AM

Dear Anonymous commenter on my blog, who posted two rather crude, insensitive comments in improper grammatical English on both my "Cheese-a-holic in no cheese land, and "Do you have a cook" entries.
I do not like your insulting close minded tone, and further comments will be deleted. You obviously didn't read my blog for long, and not only MISINTERPRETED the content, you are accusing me of being a spoilt little foreigner in your country. I don't know where I said I could not afford a 750 gas cylinder, I said that WHILE I CAN afford it, I don't think everybody will still be able to do so. I do not look for overseas product, I am APPALLED at supermarket offering ONLY the imported version of an otherwise available product available on an Indian brand.

And on your bashing US products, heck I'm not American, I have tons of friends who are and read this blog, so in their name, stop bashing synthetic clothing when cotton do exist, frozen veggies are not crap, they are frozen fresh to preserve them without additive educate yourself on that matter please, and as for missing your freshly squeezed juice, what prevent you from buying fresh fruits and doing your own juice, India has preservative loaded packaged juice you don't bash them there.
I never said people in India are lazy from having a maid, rather I'm complaining about the fact Indian tend to see westerner as lazy in household matters and that it piss me off being stereotyped that way because we don't have the cook and maid option available that easily in Europe and US as you noticed, so being called a lazy slob while I'm not simply because of my skin color...thanks, but no thanks.
If you don't like what I say here, I think you have the choice to not read it, but comments like the one you posted not only irritate me, it irritated my INDIAN husband.
Initially I wanted to post the links to these posts there, but I assume that the few curious ones will have no difficulties finding them as they were old posts written by me while pregnant in 2008-2009. Beside I wanted to get the message directed at you, publicly, you dear anonymous who even if you don't have a google account didn't have the courage to use a nickname to be addressed at, you who read 2 post out of a 6 year long blog to categorize me, you who probably won't care to read this thing but will serve as a reminder that I do not tolerate trolls here.

Yes to you dear anonymous who would rather bash and expat living in your home country rather than come up with a blog on your own to write about your own experience as an expat in US. I dedicate you this entry, and urge you to write your own blog, to tell the world how YOU feel about YOUR experience as an EXPAT in US. Once you did I will wish that you will have to deal with a few angry posters who will read one of your slight rant and turn it into a generalization and bash you...then maybe you will understand why I wrote this.

To the other few of my regular readers who know me, my blog and my life and were curious enough to read that person's comments, sorry for the interruption in my adventures. I had a few posts in mind before, but having a crawling baby around the house means limited time to write, rest assured that I'll update soon.


  1. Hi there,
    I happened to come across ur blog today...& read read six year's worth of blogs in one day!!! I just love ur blog!Ishitha is a love to her.
    do keep blogging.

  2. I don't know whats this post is about? ánd don't even want to know.Its your blog of-course!! But you are spoiling your public image by writing this kind of posts on your blog with abusive contents used for someone. When I first visited your blog in last month I came to the conclusion that a person in love with somebody can sacrifice everything. So that was my first impression about you. But I was shocked with your new post. And came to the conclusion that you have learned harsh words too?
    Sorry blogger its my view of-course.

  3. limon :o)9:37 PM

    hey, sweetie! what happened? whatever it is, don't let this get to you too much. this is your blog. you have every right to put down how and what you feel about something. after all, a blog is a journal. we still luvs ya. keep blogging!

    hugs to you, your DH, ishyta and, of course, jasmin. see you at the board!

  4. Oh, honey. Don't feed the trolls! They live for this sort of activity.

  5. Thank you guys for all the support.
    Dear abcd, I learned long time back not to let fear of how my "public image" will deteriorate stop me from writting what I want.
    By the way, I saw your comment on another of my entry...what can I say: your opinion, but funny how my husband who is born and bred indian shakes his head at the same thing I noticed, as I said "Food for thought".
    And a relationship and moving across the globe for love isn't about sacrifice, it is about compromises.
    Just because I married someone doesn't mean I'm going to sacrifice who I am and where I come from, and the same apply to my hubby.We agree on some, disagree on other, and meet in the middle in the end. If he did move to Switzerland I would not have asked him to go Swiss, he doesn't ask me to go Indian.


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