Silly tourist picture

8:04 PM

Manali has become a touristic destination and with all the fun not too rip off tourist trap, 7 years ago when I first went there I took one of me in a traditional costume, this time I decided to take a Yak tour. There were one or two posing for pics the first time I went, now it is a whole heard of them that crowds a small enclosure behind Hadimba temple, along with souvenir stalls, trampoline bungees and other fair games.
While on my yak I couldn't help noticing that all of them were extremely well groomed and their horns were so shiny. I can't help but picture the yaks going for spa treatment during the winter season so that they are all picture perfect for the crowd of Tourists hitting the hill stations at that time of the year.
And if you think yaks are the only animals getting the spa treatment you couldn't be more wrong, locals are making a fortune offering tourist to hold lambs, angora rabbits, or pose next to a thick wooled ram, for small animals it's 10 rupees to hold it for the picture, my Yak ride was 100 rupees, and let's be fair I rode it for about 400 meters and we took lot of snaps of me on my beast, somehow I think I should have had a spa treatment too...the yak looks way more photogenic than I do.


  1. Great picture, Cyn. I'd love to see a yak!

  2. Yaks are interesting creatures really, I find them both pretty, and a bit funny, they look like a buffalo crossed with a mountain goat and an agora rabit for their fur.
    In The Himalaya you can also get some yak cheese, I tasted some and it is an interesting mix of sweet and sour taste. Quite yummy if you are used to strong cheeses like me :-)


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