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Egg Factory

11:04 AM

This Sunday I got to discover a nice little restaurant in Bangalore called Egg Factory. The entire menu has eggs as part of the ingredients, so definitely not one for those who are strictly vegetarian, though egg is the only non-veg thing in this restaurant, all the other ingredients are veggies.
To me eggs are mostly a breakfast thing, or something that goes into a cake batter, but the restaurant is open daily until 11pm, some of the items on the menu are definitely not your breakfast thing: pasta and rise come mixed with eggs too here, but since we went for a brunch, I stuck to a lighter option.

But let's start in the beginning shall we? Egg factory is located just off St Marks road for those who know Bangalore, you won't see it from the main road, because it's in one of the side street, the sign doesn't have the word Egg, but rather a pictogram of an Egg followed by the word factory. The pictogram as I would learn later is an interpretation of a Maori symbol.
Step in, and you have this small dinning room with an industrial feel wooden floor, walls with black board paint and scribbling on, a few industrial looking signs, and chicken themed item, the tables are made of wood, no place mats, the chairs are foldable and plastic, corner tables have big wooden benches, the whole decor has an old factory warehouse meet your kitchen feel. The kind of place that is warm and welcoming without all the glitzy feel of high end place. A place where you feel comfortable and know you will have comfort food.
The menus, or should I say "Dinners manual" are already on the table in the paper napkin holder, they are designed to look exactly like the user manual that comes with an electronic gizmo such as a mobile phone or your TV, you have sections gall eggxotic, eggcellent and so forth, to make it look more like a user;s manual you have the whole thing printed in English, in Russian,and in what I assume must be Chinese, this is there you learn the origin of the pictogram, along with other egg facts.
The food is served fuss free, and taste deliciously eggy. I went for a Fajita, which is a loose interpretation on the original dish I admit, the meat is replaced by scrambled eggs mixed with veggies, served with tortilla dip and onions, the whole thing tasted delicious, and was filling without leaving you feeling heavy, I downed it with a fruit smoothie that was natural and tasty. All is served in plain fashion, homey breakfast style.
The place is affordable too, I haven't noticed a single dish that goes above 100 rupees, that is one place I would recommend to have a nice little brunch provided you don't have any issue with eggs of course.
Ishita of course loved it too, and tried to hijack the eggs bit and veggies from my plate.


  1. Hi,Thanks for the good words you have for our restaurant The Egg Factory. We have and will continue to believe in simple no fuss kind of places and food. We hope to see you more often at The Egg Factory.
    BTW loved your comments on junk food..I have had to face that many times and the best thing is that the advice giver is happily chomping on some deep fried delights whilst extolling on "Junk Food".

  2. Thanks for taking time to post a comment Yogesh, I'll be sure to visit the restaurant again in the future and keep up the good work.

  3. limon : )5:09 AM

    sounds like a fun place to take family/friends - with good food to boot! glad you guys had a great time. if i hear someone who's going to visit india - banglore, specifically - i'll be sure to tell them about this place.


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