Bridal blackmail

10:20 PM

If there is one commercial on TV that irks me these days, it's this one. A quick recap and explanation for those who might not get it, the father is trying to persuade his daughter to meet a boy which is how things go in arranged marriage, the girl states she is not interested, he tries to cajole her into it by stating she will live in US, she is still not interested. The mother on the back seat makes them stop to visit a Jewelry shop where she looks at some earring encouraging her daughter to try on a lavish set, and soon she is taken by the shop keeper for a full bridal makeover and asks the girl about the wedding. The mother says "We aren't interested" and the girl sees all the bangles and earrings come off with a sad look. The family goes back in the car, and the girl ask her dad about what the boy's name is suddenly interested by the prospect of marriage!

I say WHAT THE HELL (to be polite because my first choice of word would be beeped on TV). Don't get me wrong I have absolutely nothing against arranged marriage, I know they can work as wonderfully as any marriage when you are paired with the right partner. In this add my problem is that they make it sound like being 25 is the age for a girl to get married and that should she resist then bribery is the right thing to do in order to get your way. And while we are at it, why push a girl to make the most important decision of her life by teasing her with the bridal jewels she will wear only once in her life, shouldn't marriage be about to people living a whole life together, isn't it something that has more value than any overpriced diamond necklace?
This ad is wrong in every ways I can imagine, it says that a girl should get married at all cost and that her opinion on the rest of her life doesn't matter, that bribe and blackmail are tools that are OK to use, and it reminds people that throwing money they don't have for a wedding is still something one has to do when they have a daughter.

How can things about the preference for sons, corruption and the idea of the women being the weaker sex change when you see such craptacular commercial on TV?


  1. Anonymous9:01 PM

    I think you're over reacting. I am an Indian woman who married for love, and I share your sentiments about Indian marriages, but not about this advert. It is to be taken in a lighter vein. The point that they're trying to make is that their jewelery is SO good, even an independent woman (who is against arranged marriage) is tempted to get married! There is another ad where a woman is devouring chocolate in an office conference room - you wouldn't say they are depicting women as unprofessional, mannerless etc, would you? They're selling chocolates, so they'll say anything to make it sell! And it doesnt mean much really..

    Have you seen the sitcom FRIENDS, where the girls try out wedding gowns just for the heck of it? Infact in several American movies, you find women characters wanting to get married because they want all the attention and finery associated with the wedding day. This advert is on the same lines. It doesn't go any deeper into the Indian marriage system or any social aspect for that matter.

    Oh btw you should see this ad on Colors Channel. It is a promo for a series called "Thhoda hai, bas thode ki zaroorat hai". It will totally piss you pissed me for sure!!

    - Mona

  2. Maybe I am, but yes while in the west women are shown in movies to dream about gown, or in that particular Friends episode. The difference is though that no one deserately want them to get married and tease them with a visit to a bridal shop to make them change their mind about the idea of getting married against their personnal choice.
    Personnally I think the message of that Tanishq add would have been as strong If they used a plot involving an already married couple of a certain age shopping with a willing daughter with the mother getting lost in a dream of being a bride againd with the line "Wedding jewellery that makes you want to get married...Again" No mention of any blackmail.

    I haven't seen that trailer on "colors" We don't watch a lot of these new channel, I had a glimpse of it las December in Delhi because my SIL watches shows on that one, I think they had that serial about that child girl getting married to a child boy or something right? That kind of thing really annoy the crap out of me.


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