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9:58 PM

I just noticed that once again I didn't make good on my vow to keep this blog current. Let's blame it on BESCOM though because now that the local elections are over they went back to submit us to totally erratic power cuts and we have between 2 to 4 hours of these daily, they blame it on the hot weather, then on the trees falling during a storm, and on the fact that the power plants are antiquated and can't bear the load...nothing new under the sun, they are so good at making excuses.

Ishita took her first few steps without holding a thing on May 7th at 10 months and one day of age, sadly DH was in office then, but she repeated the performance the next day for him to see, and now she totally aced the walking thing and is doing as much as she can on two feet keeping us on our toes, she also managed to learn how to climb on our nearly 2 feet tall bed and the sofa as well as the terrasse stairs and is working on trying to climb the dinning chairs and the bookshelves, this one is going to climb Mount Everest one day with all the practicing she is doing now.

DH go a new job offer that will relocate us in Mumbai sometimes i late June-Early July, and that move is going to be a big one, never ever before did we have that much stuff to pack and move, not to mention we have now a dog and a baby to travel with.
I already started going through my stuff seeing what I can safely give away to my maid and what is still good to use, I updated all my cookware, since I haven't met a maid who knows how to treat non-stick pan well enough. All my woks and pans were scratched to death as my maid will scrub them harshly day after day, even if there is no burnt sticky food on it. So this time I am being wise and spent money on the right thing because there is simply no sense in replacing my non-stick stuff with more non stick that will get abused by the maid and visiting relatives who don't understand that metal spatulas should NOT be used in them. I invested in a few pans from the Hard Anodised Futura Cook range, they aren't non-stick as such, but less oil is required in the cooking process and food will not stick as much as in a cheapo steel or tin wok. As for my abused cookware, they all went into a bag that my maid gladly took. It's a win win situation, I don't get to pack damage stuff to shift to Mumbai and my maid gets something to or use herself or sell to a scrap dealer.

Now I'll try to update more often, but can't guarantee that. If you are a regular reader, you probably noticed that I change the background layout of my blog, I got tired of my pink look, and wanted something a bit more serene, beside the site I get these layouts has so many cute ones, it was hard to choose just one.


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