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11:09 PM

I was busy with our great big move to Mumbai, and now we are finally settled (more or less) in our new place, I'm still waiting on an Internet connection on my own currently typing from a borrowed one from one of DH's friend, as usual it is always the small little easy details that seem to give the biggest headache each time we move, things like getting a cooking gas subscription or Internet...oh well.

I have enough to tell for several blog entries and I will go about it in retrospective over the next few days, this move has been a mighty one.
The last time we moved was from Bangalore to Bangalore in 2005 and we had nothing but a fridge, TV, computer, washing machine, stereo, two mattresses, and a few books. No furniture, no dog, no kids.
This time we were shifting a whole furnished apartment, a dog and a daughter to Mumbai along with us. And let me tell you this is amazing the amount of things you can accumulate in your home in 5 years.
The thought of moving gave me enough sleepless nights and turned me into the Crazy compulsive list writing lady. DH left me for 2-3 weeks alone while he was working at his new job and flat hunting in Mumbai only to come back 2 days before D-day to settle the final details before we got the packers and movers storm our place.
Now that I think of it, this feels like a whole war plan was in action, and I feel proud having done that this smoothly, thanks to my planning and manic list writing I must say.


  1. Yay for the smooth move. I am glad you are all set at new place. Moving is always tough especially with the baby!! Cant wait to read more about your experiences at the new environment. And hope you get the internet connection as quick as possible. We miss you Cyn!!


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