The "calm" before the storm

10:31 PM

The moving adventures tale continues

JUNE 28th

D Day -1, we spend the morning organising things and reading the details on the pet relocation website, where I read that it is wise to print big labels saying "LIVE ANIMAL" and paste them on all side of the crate, and add a friendlier label on top stating the Dogs name, flight number and destination and remind the reader to handle with care. On the advise of the website DH heads to the airport to tell the Jet Airways people we will be having a pet with us on the 30th and takes the "Fit to fly certificate with him" A 2 hours drive to the airport later he finds out that it wasn't required to announce the pet in advance and drives back home after running a few errands on the way back and strike a few things off his personal To DO list. Meanwhile I work on getting things off my big list as well, the problem is that I find a few zillion more things to add on it, and have a toddler and a dog in my legs the whole day and things go drastically slower with such a handicap.
Once home DH proceed to enquire with all cab companies to see who will accept to transport a dog and a monster crate which of course will require a vehicle in the Toyota Qualis or Innova range, none accept to do so. Out of despair he heads to a car service in our street to see if they will do it, we know from friends that the car+driver rental place in question is a bit crappy but we are left with no choice.
The guy accept at the condition that Jasmine travels in her crate on top of the car strapped to the roof luggage rack...yeah right! DH explains that this will not be possible, and in the end they seem to accept that fact, and we get a Toyota Innova booked to take us to the airport at an inflated fee since we are carrying a beast in our luggage.
In the evening after I put my nice bold "LIVE ANIMAL" signs on the crate we start packing the suitcases we are taking along with us, one is full of clothes and I add the electric hot plate, tea, and two mugs writing down on my list that I will have to remember to pack the pan, and filter the next day before the packers and movers do. The next suitcase holds the inflatable mats, pump, and temporarily the jewelry and important papers while I pack my laptop bag and stuff my purse with other cabin luggage essentials. Once again we go too bed pooped out and I crib at the idea I still have a few things to do before the packers and movers storm the place, but feeling too beat to move I crash down knowing we will anyway wake up at dawn the next day.

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