Let's fly away

12:57 PM

The tale of my packing adventures continue:

JUNE 30th

Today is our turn to get moving, our Jet Lite flight is at 1pm but since we have a live cargo we need to be in early for check in.
We wake up early again to repack our suitcases after our first not so comfy night of urban camping. The landlord's wife comes up with steaming cups of coffee and since I really am not a coffee drinker I leave mine to DH, I'll get my tea later. She tells us she has some breakfast ready for us downstairs once we are ready too.
DH realise that he can't find the pair of jeans he was planning to wear, and there are two possibilities: or the maid took it accidentally along with the old clothes we left for her, or the packers and movers packed it along with my towel. Since the maid is due to come in a few minutes to pick up some more of our stuff and talk with the landlord about the heavy cleaning we don't worry too much, and sure as hell she sent her husband and brother to pick up some of the heavy stuff we left behind, DH tries to ask them about a bag of clothes to know if the jeans are in there, but they don't understand hindi, so he ask our obnoxious bragging neighbour to translate, but that ass translate it in such a way that he actually start accusing the poor guy of stealing! And then tell us that we should not give our bench and old shelves to them because they can't bring back the clothes, then add that his guys will dispose of our old furniture, I smell rat and tell DH to not do that, we promised these things to our maid, and I trust her, if the jeans are with her, then she will surely bring them, the husband leaves to ask his wife about that missing pair of jeans, and 5 minutes later our neighbour has his drivers and some of his "helps" come to claim OUR stuff. DH tells them to wait, and go ask our landlord about the maid. Meanwhile Obnoxious neighbours goes on with his stupid assumption that our maid is a crook and slacker and brag about how just 2 days ago he had some tenant leaving and how clean his place is, at this point I am thinking all kind of crappy thing, because he always pulls the same bragging about how "his Guys" could have done it better, but frankly, him and "his guys" creep me out, they all look like they are part of a Mafia of some kind.
The landlord locate the maid and she comes as fast as she can, and we clear the Jeans mystery, she tells us that she checked again right before coming and that there was no pair of jeans in there, and we can trust her on that, the landlord then sort out the whole cleaning schedule for our apartment and we head downstairs for breakfast.
Again his wife feed her like we haven't seen a meal in months, I eat 3 slices of toast, one omelet and gulp down a cup of tea to be polite, but I'm still fairly full from the previous night's dinner. I give back my key to the landlord while DH calls the driver to come as it is 9.30 and we need to get going. The driver comes upstairs to pick up the suitcases and crate and throws a fit, he refuse to do it because we are on the second floor and he hasn't been told so, DH gets mad and I fume inside, poor little thing having to carry two 20kg suitcases down two flight of stairs, with my laptop bag, Ishita and my purse I'm carrying as much...do I complain? In the end he agrees...not that he had any choice, but fuss about how Jasmine will have to travel INSIDE his car, we put the crate in the back, Jasmine in the crate, say our goodbyes and finally we are heading to the airport. The driver insist on keeping the windows all open, but it bothers Ishita so I have to shut mine halfway, and then we get stuck in traffic, and Ishi who fell asleep for her morning short nap starts sweating, DH asks to have the AC on, and the driver bluntly refuse because he doesn't want to shut the windows, DH blows a fuse and shouts at him explaining that as a driver it is his duty to ensure passenger are comfortable and reach destination safely, and that if his daughter gets a heat stroke that won't do it, the guy mumbles that he doesn't want the dog smell in the car and can't shut windows, but turns on the AC. DH reminds him we are paying extra for the dog, so that he should not fuss, the driver shuts up for the rest of the trip and Ishi gets her AC.

At the airport we let Jasmine out of the crate before going in so she can drink a little and move around then we head in, check in goes fairly easy, DH pays the excess luggage and we are to accompany Jazz in the luggage X-ray room as they are going to check the crate and we need to get her out of it, then in she goes again and the staff handles her while we pass security ourselves. That is when we are informed that the flight has been delayed until 2pm...and we face a long long wait int he airport, Ishita is of course awake and all hyper, we sit at the food court and wait while she decides to hunt sparrow, investigate food and beverage counters, and say hi to everybody in the food court, she even attempted a few sneaks in the shops around. Needless to say that I was on my toes while DH was stuck on phone and laptop with some office issues.
Ishi crashes down for her big nap just before boarding and won't wake up until shortly before landing.
After landing we get our luggages, including Jasmine who is bouncing up and down with excitement in her travelling quarters, locate the car service driver we hired through the pet relocation people, and as soon as I step out of the terminal Mumbai's humidity hit me hard, I miss Bangalore already. The drive to our new place takes about 2 hours with one stop in between to give the rented crate back to the pet relocation people, it's around 5 when we enter our new home.
New home in which the carpenters left all their tools, odd bits of wood and an amazing lot of dust and dirt! I'm not too happy about that part but we aren't staying long in there, DH has a friend who is moving in in the same colony and is going through the survey of boxes brought in by the packers and movers so we head there to say high with the dog, and then go to another apartment in the complex to rest and eat before heading back to our own quarters after DH bought a few essential cleaning supplies and a pack of Maggi noodles for the next day. We clean the crap in the bedroom, inflate our mats and crash down yet again for the night.

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  1. Ajith2:26 PM

    LOL..Enjoyed this thoroughly... I heard how he translated it..

  2. Deepa1:49 PM

    Hey Cyn, you moved to Mumbai!!!
    What a pity..We're starting a toddler play group and was gonna invite Ishita too :)
    Anyways happy settling in, and hope you have an enjoyable stay there!

  3. Deepa, yes I just shifted to Mumbai, I would have loved to join your playgroup.
    Ishita enjoys being around people a lot.


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