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11:59 AM

The moving tales continue:

JULY 1st

Since our belongings are due to arrive on July 2nd or if things go fast on July 1st in the evening, DH decide to go to office, so we are awake early once more, in unfamiliar, empty surrounding. I take the hot plate, mugs, pan and tea out of the suitcase and get my precious cup of sanity brew while DH gets ready.
Then I survey the mess the carpenters left and decide to tackle it with a dog and toddler on my tracks. Heaps of dust clearing and mopping I'm somewhat satisfied with the work, knowing that it will take a little more effort, but the door bell rings and the neighbour who we met the evening before tells us her maid is looking for a job, I hire the maid and she goes right to work continuing to clear the heaps of dust in the whole apartment while I feed Ishi, once the maid leaves we have a much much cleaner apartment, and I go for a shower to notice that the toilet is leaking, but DH told me that the landlady would stop by today to hand all the extra keys and survey the place, which is the ideal time to get her to look at all the defects left by the plumbers and carpenters.
I then head to our kitchen, ope the pack of Maggy noodle and cook them, only to realise that I never packed a cooking spoon, the night before I realised that we didn't have spoons, forks or plates either, so DH went buying a few plastic cutlery and paper plates. To stir my noodles I resort to one of the many Swiss army knives we own and I remembered to pack with us. The long blade makes a perfect stirrer, and know I feel just like we took urban camping a step further. I find out that the paper plates are actually paper thin and twist a lot so I put two together to pour my not completely drained noodles on them and eat in the living room on the ground with my plates and plastic bag arrangement on top of the suitcase, with Ishita trying to fish in and the dog begging for's 1pm and I really want my furniture now.
To kill some more time we head back to the bedroom and nap all together for a time I'll have to remember to pack a few magazines and books. At around 3 the landlady arrives with the keys, and we go through the whole apartment to look at possible damages, all the wardrobes locks, room doors locks, and we end up in the only room I forgot to clean : the servants quarter...aka storage room, she is quite displeased with the carpenters not only for leaving their tools in but for not cleaning after themselves and letting me do the job, and tries to get them in to pick up their own mess in vain, I report the plumbing glitch in the bathroom and she gets the plumber to come immediately, we also noticed that the kitchen tap was not yet connected. He promise to come fix it the next morning as his team is not available, the building being new and not completely finished we have the advantage of having handymen ready on the site, and the landlady tells me to keep checking for all kind of plumbing defects and let the super know and she leaves.
I have no idea how I killed the rest of the time, the truth is that the whole planning and packing and moving left me more tired than I thought, DH comes home at 7.30 announcing that the packers and movers reached Mumbai and will come the next morning as there is absolutely no point in starting the daunting task just now as it will take half a day to just assemble the furniture back and unpack the most of the boxes. We are both completely tires, order some pizza (again) and crash down for the night on our inflatable mats once again.
I wake up in the night to a loud noise that turns out to be a very heavy rain, the first I'm seeing in Mumbai and while I'm up I head to the bathroom and the first thing I realise is that the water hissing noise is in there as well and my feet are wet, I switch on the light to see that the butt cleaning pressure shower's hose burst and water is flowing everywhere, aggravated I turn off the tap and go back to sleep not even bothering to check the time.

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  1. Once several years ago, my apartment flooded because the hot water heater in the apartment above me exploded. There was a special spray that kills/prevents mold from growing that they sprayed everywhere after cleanup.

    I still contested and refused to stay there. They finally let me out of my lease. In the USA mold damage is NOT covered by the mandatory renters insurance. There was no way in hell I was going to stay living there after that mess. Not to mention health consequences.

  2. I don't think there is such a spray her ein India, and no one really care about how dangerous mold can be in a building, you would be shocked at how many building have bad cases of water seepage inside the walls and mold, this is disgusting :-(


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