Operation pack and ship

10:47 PM

JUNE 29th

D-Day is finally here...for our belongings that is.

We wake up at 7am, and I remember that the top priority item left on my list is to dismantle Ishita's crib and pack it myself, my intuition telling me that if I let the movers do it they will throw all the screws of all the furniture in one giant box and no one will care too much upon arrival about what to use where, and miracle oh miracle I kept the boxes in which the parts came, so I can even store them away neatly. The task took minutes, I put all the screws and bolts in a plastic pouch and duct tape it to the crib's railing, and put everything in boxes to find that as usual what you took out of a box will never go back in it's usual packaging without a fight, but this time I have duct tape by my side and I force the crib to stay in its box...Ha ha!
I go back to the bedroom to roll our blanket as the initial plan was to put it in the suitcases along with our pillows to make our urban camping experience more comfy, turns out we can't they don't fit in the suitcase, so instead we pack a bedsheets and decide we can survive 2-3 nights without pillows.
I find the box in which the stroller came (Why on Earth I kept that no idea), and it turns out it is a great box to throw in all our towels, bedsheets, and guest bedding along with the bathrobes a few toys and a few sweaters. I then go to the kitchen to dismantle Ishi's high chair only to get frustrated because the elements wont come apart, refusing to get aggravated so early by a piece of baby gear I decide that the packers and movers can wrap it themselves and use the original box to store away some of our stuff.
The maid comes in our already cahotic environment to do the dishes, DH tells her what she can take with her and ask her to come back in the late afternoon to do some clean up, meanwhile the packers and movers call to ask how to reach our home.

10am: They finally arrive with huge rolls of cardboard wrap, bubble wrap, cling wrap, cardboard boxes, and special plastic containers. Jasmine goes crazy seeing so many people, and DH let her loose because the last thing we have time to deal with it towing a hyper dog from room to room on a leash. We know from experience that if Jazz is let free to sniff around the newcomers she will then lie down in a corner and ignore them the rest of the day, it was though convincing the guys though, but they soon realised she was all wags and jumps and nothing else. After Jasmine finished sniffing everybody's shoes, pants, tools and crotches she sits on the terrasse, Ishita wiggle in my arms and I let her loose, both dog and daughter proceed to inspect the packing material they brought with them and then Ishi decides it is time for some more breakfast, I fish out a few crackers and bread and let her have these while DH explains the rule of the packing game to the team, within minutes we have a few franctic guys assembling boxes, throwing things in in and packing away everything that is inside every closets and wardrobes, we supervise more or less, but soon it gets boring enough and Ishi decided to nap, but our bed is in pieces and all wrapped up, the only thing that is still accessible at this point is our patio chairs, and I spend 1 hour sitting in a bad posture and end up with a back ache.
At around 1pm we are hungry and I order some pizzas since we have no plates left (I fortunately remembered the pan and filter and put them in my suitcase). We have maze of boxes in the living but the coffee table is still unwrapped so when the pizza arrived we sat on the ground and ate there, Jazz for once ignored us royally probably very upset about the whole boxes and mess. The the packers and movers inform us they are going on their lunch break and will come back with the truck to start taking the boxes out of the place.
The landlord comes up and inform us we can come to his place for lunch, we tell him that we already ate, and he insist that I bring Ishi downstairs as his wife wants to get as much time with us before we leave, beside he add that I will be more comfy there...I won't argue.
His wife tell us she is planning on making some chicken Biryani for us for dinner and pass the message to DH who is working for his new job on the ground in our flat. Meanwhile I head back down and Ishi plays with the landlord's daughters and I an fed sweets and served tea and water the whole time. The packers and movers come back with the truck an a driver for our car at around 3pm. Time at which my nosy neighbour starts his usual Spanish inquisition about the move. He first ask about the car, and I tell him they will drive it, he then ask how much time it will take, and I tell him 4-5 days for the car 2-3 days for the belongings, and as sure as the sun sets in the West the neighbour comes with is boring "I could have arranged better for you guys if you told me" I politely smile and tell him that since it is moving under contract with the packers and movers we have insurance should something go wring. He then asks How much it is going to cost to ship all our stuff, I smartly feign memory loss because I don't want to hear anymore bragging on how he could have arranged better for us, he the retreat into his house and I'm left roaming around and watching boxes finding their way down the stairs all neatly wrapped in cling wrap and bearing ID numbers.
5pm: I go back up to change Ishi's diaper, the place is more or less empty, DH is in full talk with the packers and movers about the bill and how fast our stuff will reach, and I sit on the terrasse on the wooden bench we were not planning on taking waiting for all these guys to vacate the place so I can have a much much much needed shower.
The maid comes back at 6pm to clean the place up, the packers and movers are still there and I really really WANT my shower!
7pm: they finally leave, and I head straight to the bathroom, I feel sticky, and dirty and my legs hurt, but the shower melts some of all this away, I don't think I ever wanted a shower so badly in my life and felt so good having it.
8.30pm: We head to the landlord's place for dinner, his wife has a huge dish of Biryani ready for us, along with heaps of fried chicken on the side and a big bowl full of gulab Jammuns for dessert. She quickly tell us it is all just for us as she will eat later when her husband comes home.
She keeps piling the food on our plate as we eat, and 3 plates of Biryani and a few pieces of fried chicken later I feel about to burst at the seam, but she serves us the gulab jammuns, I eat two and she feels satisfied enough not to push more on me. I will really miss her Biryanis though, she makes them so well and at each Eid she would make us some too. that was her special thing.
We head back upstairs, inflate our mats, and crash down, but I find out that sleeping without a pillow isn't possible, so I take Ishita's teddy bear instead and try to get some rest.

What a day!

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