Team reunited

11:20 PM

Part of my retrospective moving adventure:

JUNE 27th

DH comes back home with a huge dog crate he rented from a pet relocation service in Mumbai, after a quick meal, we go to the vet to pick up a "Fit to Fly" Certificate for Jasmine, then go buy inflatable mattresses for our few days of Urban Camping in both the empty flat in Bangalore and the empty one in Mumbai while we wait for our stuff to arrive. The mattress idea was mine after we realised that if we bought simple cotton mats they would gather dusts and taking a lot of storage space between guests visits, inflatable ones go "pffffft" fit in a suitcase and can be brought back to shape in minutes....pure genius.

We come back home and I assemble the dismantled doggy crate, Jasmine inspects her new travel quarters immediately and we breathe a sign of relief as we weren't sure she would go in that easy since she has never been in one before. Seconds after Jasmine got in here is what we captured on camera:

Yes Ishita decided the crate was a fun place to go in after she saw Jasmine do it, these two make quite a team.
That day we also did heaps of laundry, determined to pack as little dirty stuff as possible and minimize the work load upon arrival in our new home. If the whole neighbourhood didn't know we were moving already this should have been a hint, only a pending move can have people hang 3 batches a laundry in a day, and bring out all kind of crap to throw away on their terrasse, that or a sudden outbreak of viral plague in the house that is, the second being less likely to happen of course.
We go to bed with surprisingly little stricken away from my crazy "To Do" list but still feeling tired, and the storm hasn't even hit yet....

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