Turning into a home

12:03 PM

JULY 2nd

The packers and movers are due to arrive at 9am, so once again we are waking up early, not that it changes much from when we aren't moving as Ishi is quite a morning lady. The difference is that this very morning I beat her to the punch and decide to go to the kitchen to make her bottle before she asks for it. I notice how stuffy it is so open the door to the utility area that has a view on our terrasse. I rub my eyes a couple of time, because I just can't believe we have 2 inches of water on the entire terrasse, yesterday when I swept it I noticed a drain there.
I open the living room terrasse doors and for some reason it seems the water isn't draining at all and the huge rain we had during the night turned our outdoor personal space into a toddler pool:

I try to make a mental note remembering the bathroom situation from the middle of the night as well and decide to make my cup of tea right away because the last thing I need is forget to get it into my system before they come in with all our belongings.
I go back to the bedroom with Ishi's bottle in one hand, and a steaming mug in the other, and the troops wake up, I feed Ishi while updating DH on the damage while my cup of tea cools down, and once we are all up DH calls the super to let him know about the burst hose and the terrasse drain and we have some cookies and more tea for breakfast.
9.30 the first boxes find their way up, Ishi suddenly realises that we have a pool on the terrasse and wants to play in, living me waddling in water while DH checks the boxes off his inventory and direct the movers in the right room with them, that's when the super and plumber arrive, the drain issue was an easy one as it seems no one opened the pipe to drain it properly and within seconds the pond disappear, then the plumber go fix the bathroom butt shower hose mess, and take a while longer figuring why we have no water in the kitchen, meanwhile I open some of the boxes to start storing kitchen stuff away so that the movers can clear the mess of warpping paper and cardboard away. DH follows the team to the master bedroom were they want to assemble the bed but still can't figure out in which box the screws and nuts are, by that time I congratulate myself for dismantling the crib myself and taping the screws bag to it...ha!
They find the box of screws in the box containing the puja room (worship room) items and go back to work as more boxes come in. One of the guys bring the plastic containers used for all the delicate and unwrap things for me to store away, only he goes so fast I can't follow and within 5 minutes I have the entire counter area full of breakables ant not yet figured what to put where I try to tell them to let me unpack on my own, the guy says he has to take these boxes away as they belong to the company, his superior reminds him that they don't take these back the same day and the unpacking frenzy stops and I resume at my own pace, to realise half of the remaining boxes contains empty wine and beer bottles! Yes they managed to neatly wrap away the old bottles we were keeping to give away to a recyclables collector...in a word they packed some garbage without giving it a second thought...the very thing I wanted to avoid.
I put our drinking nights skeletons in a garbage bag and continue my task while DH is busy with other things. When it comes to boxes of books coming in right after another we tell them not to unpack these as lots of them contains books that will go straight to the storage room, meanwhile they pile up our clothes on the now assembled bed and move on to assemble the computer desk, sofa-bed, entertainment unit and patio table they took apart. Only the team who ripped them apart isn't the same as the one who has the daunting task of reassembling everything, and they count on us to guide them, DH who doesn't have a "Do it yourself" bone in his body turns to me, and I get quite puzzled as I never saw these ever being assembled before, and after a lot of time spent playing jigsaw puzzles, and a few wrong assemblies we start seeing the end of the tunnel. The guys stack the empty plastic boxes on the terrasse, they bring my plants in with a total of 4 pots broken and leave at around 5 leaving us with still some mess to clear and stuff to store away, by 9pm we still haven't tackled "Mt Fashion" that sits on our bed but we are hungry, so we order some take out food, and while waiting we start clearing our monster pile of clothes, since there is only one wardrobe in our room and that it is mostly hangers space, DH is using it while my T-shirts and pants can all fit in the dresser that was previously in Ishita's room. In the process of getting the bed cleared I find all our winter sweaters, and pants, and since there is no way we will ever wear that in this humid climate I grab the whole lot and dump it in the other room so that I can have more fun the next day storing them in the wardrobe in that room. The food takes time to arrive so I have the time to open 2 boxes of books and figure out what will go into our bookshelves int he master bedroom and what will be destined to mold until the next move in the storage room, by the time I open book box number 3 I am saved by the doorbell as that one contains old magazines we forgot to trash in Bangalore along with other books, it is too late for me to figure out what is trash and what is to keep and where to put everything.

We eat, I have a much deserved shower...this time with my own towel, and we head to bed without bothering about bedsheets (which are in a box I haven't opened yet).

A few points of the day :

1) I was right to dismantle the crib myself, as the packers and movers had a hard time figuring what screw was for what when they opened the toolbox
2) Packing the Swiss army knives in our own suitcases was the best thing, not only because one of them has a screwdriver with interchangeable heads, but because I used the scissors on them a LOT, at the end of day one my kitchen scissors are still nowhere to be found...Victorinox saves the day.
3) The Mystery of DH's jeans is solved, the maid was telling the truth and we knew it, the packers and movers packed them along with my towel...Ah Ha!
4) I swear our belongings procreated in transit because there is a whole bunch of things I didn't remember I had that found their way in the boxes.

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  1. Phew..I am exhausted even reading all this. I hate hate hate moving! But after the initial chaos, setting up the new home is fun. Are you recollecting all this and writing them now or did you take notes at the end of each day? just curious :)

  2. I took a few notes each day, and this helped me recollect the rest :-)


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