Hammering in the details

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Last chapter of my moving tale:

JULY 3rd

DH has to go to office, and I have one day of fun unpacking and cleaning ahead...joy! Ishi and jasmine decided to play with the boxes, and try to get my attention while I decide to tackle the box of books I didn't unpack or condemned to the storage room, a box or two of CD and DVD, which I'm in no hurry taking out because the carpenters who promised to come and mount my shelf to the wall are playing no-show.
I spend pretty much the whole day running after Ishi and unpacking stuff, DH joins me as soon as he comes back and by the evening we have the mess contained, and a shopping list of things we will need. Curtains and drying rack are both high on the list. By the end of the day I have all the DVDs out and the plastic boxes out on the terrasse, but my DVD shelf is still on the ground.
We are still Internet connection less, and cooking gas less, but DH having only Sundays off makes having a gas connection tricky.

JULY 4th

Our car is still not there, but we need to get shopping, so we hop in a an auto and head to the shopping mall, very stupidly starting shopping for groceries and cleaning products in the supermarket, fortunately we locate a luggage deposit booth, get everything there, and head to the home furnishing store to see curtains, I find some for the living room ,but nothing for the bedroom. In our Bangalore flat we had window length curtains, but our flat requires door length ones as most windows go almost to the ground. Along with the living room curtains I buy bathroom mats, a laundry hamper, and a basket to throw the clothes we need to send to ironing as we left all these in Bangalore being old and broken. We realise we have a lot of stuff to carry again, still haven't found the essential drying rack, and still need 4 curtains for the bedroom, so we leave the purchase at the store, DH goes hunting the rack, while I locate a Fabindia to check curtains along with Ishita. There they had nothing nice that came in more than 2-3 curtains when I needed 4 but desperate to have curtains in my bedroom I finally purchase peach coloured semi-transparent ones, find DH who took the decision to book a cab, and bought some take out food in the food court, we remember that we didn't yet purchase a gift for Ishi's upcoming Birthday and locate a toy store, find something cute that won't operate on batteries or make a music that will have us go insane. We then lug all our purchases down to the parking lot, braving a mad crowd of Sunday shoppers and plan on finding a hardware store that sell clothes drying rack on the way back, which we did. Just before reaching our home, DH gets a call saying his car is finally there...grrr what a timing.
I hang the curtains and the bedroom ones look a bit off for my colour scheme, in the future I will plan to buy better one and relocate these in the living room on the small windows opening on the ventilation shaft that are now dressed with my old shapeless curtains from Bangalore.

JULY 5th

National strike to protest about rising prices of common good, with political parties taking things seriously it is advised to stay home if you don't want your care smashed or your bones broken. DH invites a colleague to look at some of our computer problems, only to find out the mother board is broken and need repair...great! We anyway have no Internet connection, and apparently that one is going to be a toughie because our building being new it is not yet wired with some of the biggest providers and even Tata Photon + doesn't work as it gets no signal. The only one that is Reliance net connect via USB key, a mystery as why Reliance works in our building but Tata Photon doesn't get any signal...oh well. DH still looks into possible providers but we have a back up if all fails.

JULY 6th

Happy Birthday Ishita!
My little princess found her birthday gift in the shopping bag before I had time to wrap it, and can't get enough of her tiger xylophone. In the evening we have cake and pizza with a friend. The electric stove broke, leaving us no cooking option, we need a gas connection, but HP gas said they won't give us one before they sent an inspector over to verify our stove is in good condition, which is a scam to try to sell us a new stove and accessories to make more money, but we have no choice, no independent supplier seem to operate in the area, so we need to wait for the inspector.

JULY 8th

The Gas inspector show up, as polite as a rabid dog, march toward our stove turn it upside down glance at it for one second and announce it is defective...yeah right. I Tell him it's not, he calls DH, and after a lengthy discussion it is agreed that DH need to bring the inspector slip to the HP gas office and have the stove serviced sometimes, I pay the guy 250 bucks, and he leaves without a goodbye or anything. He got his money, who cares about trying to sell us a stove.

JULY 10th

Ishita kills my phone, this is the second one I loose in 4 months to her drool attack, we still have no Internet, no gas, and now I can't even check my mail on the mobile phone...argh I am also getting quite irritated at the fact the packers and movers still haven't come to pick up their boxes, but at least I get the carpenter to put my DVD shelf up (finally!).

JULY 11th

In desperate need of a phone, DH and I head to a store to buy one, while doing so we get a call from the movers who are behind our door waiting to collect the boxes...thanks for the warning guys!
We head back there, then go grocery shopping and try to have a relaxing end of day home, DH got the electric stove fixed so we can at least cook basics since he didn't have time to visit HP gas during their opening hours during the week.


DH takes the day off to take Jasmine to the vet and got to HP gas to get the connection paper signed, but it will take at least one more day to get the cylinder delivered.
We still have no Internet DH is waiting from a local provider who claimed it was possible to show up and wire us.


The gas cylinder arrives, and we finally can cook on a proper stove...yay!


The Internet guy comes with his antenna and leave within minutes after he fails to get a signal, our last hope seems to be crushed. DH vows to borrow his colleague's Reliance USB connection while he investigate some more about who would connect to our place.


I finally have Internet via the borrowed Reliance USB one, we also find a leaflet for a cable connection on our doormat, they too claim they can connect, but DH is waiting for Reliance Wimax to reply before asking another provider.
Our maid starts cooking for us, and we found out she has limited cooking skills.

JULY 30th

The Internet guy from the leaflet shows up after DH called them, they can connect us and I finally get my Internet connection! It seems to work fine and that is what we call finally being settled!

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