Maid Drama

12:15 PM

Sorry for the lack of update, Ishita has changed her sleep/nap schedule efficiently leaving me with little time to use the computer with two hands.

We are settling down okay in our new home, I planned to do a post just about the little things going on but my maid thanks to her bad attitude is going to have a full post in this blog.

The maid was the first thing we got in the new place even before the belongings reached us, I have the same one my neighbours have, and she cooks for us too since DH has the craziest work hours and need his tiffin packed before he leaves at 9am and Ishi won't let me touch the stove before 11am.
Even before our stove was operational our maid started slacking, one day she was truly sick, but then after that for 2 weeks she found excuse to get another day off or cut her chores until she just plainly didn't show up and switched off her mobile phone, the next day she showed up late and DH scolded her while I was rushing to get a tiffin packed in the kitchen, her excuse for not showing up the previous day was.....a headache! Yes a plain old stupid headache was enough of an excuse to switch off her phone, and not show up to my even when I played sick back in Switzerland I was coming with something a bit more of an innovative excuse (I didn't play sick that often too).
Aside from our maid having sick leaves every other day in that first month she also managed to break quite a few of our breakables: 2 glass bowls (well one got a monster crack and broke when I put hot pasta in it), 1 tea mug, and one drinking glass. Only she took responsibility just for the first glass bowl, the tea mug broke on his ow and apparently walked to my dustbin all by itself for me to find out a few hours after she left, and the second bowl and glass just had huge cracks, so she didn't do she claims. Funny at my neighbour's she also managed to kill a few breakables simply because she throw everything int he sink and wash things with no method, but there she also said it wasn't her, or it was the soapy water that made things slippery.
Needless she didn't score Brownie points there either.
Her cooking is also left to be desired, countless time we told her that we want a bit of gravy in the veggies, and that her dal is too liquid and too mashed, but she isn't changing anything, she still make dry food, and each time DH points it out she argues that it has tomato in it, that we never told her how to make dal the way we want, and that if we don't hand her the onions along with the veggies how can she know she has to put some in! We told her on day one we like our veggies with onion and garlic.
We know the real reason she doesn't season her food, or add potato to a dish is because she doesn't want to work too hard, she also make her atta for chapati for several days. The problem is that just for cooking we pay her the standard Mumbai fee of 2000 rupees for one meal a day, and we aren't even that complicated, it is just one dal, one veggie and chapati, if we want rice I generally throw the rice in the rice cooker myself. Our cook in Bangalore asked less money and cooked much much more and he always made everything fresh of the day including the dough for the chapati. My old cook was a real cook, he took initiative, all I had to do was tell him which veggies I wanted and he would use his creativity to whip up a meal, on some days he decided to surprise us with paratha instead of chapati, or make us a mustard gravy, he was fast, quiet and professional. My current maid clearly does the cooking just because it brings her 2k, but she isn't a cook, she is clueless about quantities, do not want to spend too much effort on the task and apparently gets a bit pissy if we question the final taste of her product.

Yes our current maid seem to be a slacker with a lot of excuses not to do things right, plates with left over food on it after washing...not her fault, oily baby feeding bowls, it was the fault of the frying pan at the bottom of the sink. Water all over the kitchen counter catching mold under the spice rack, it's because we don't have a dish drying rack. Cleaning only the stove and not all the kitchen counters...that's because we never told her to, never mind she throws peel all over the place.
By the end of July we were more or less resolved to let her work one more month and then fire her. I felt a bit bad, as much as I hate her work, she didn't really made a single capital offense after her first payday, that was until last Tuesday when she really managed to push our button a bit too far.
We were used to her countless phone calls and chit chatting and on a few occasion chat int he hall with a friend and that was wearing thin. Anyway DH having been sick last week there was less cooking to do and on Tuesday we had enough leftovers, so I asked her to make just 3 chapati, she went to it looking annoyed that we were asking her to do that, apparently not really being grateful that her chores are less daunting on such days, but about 20 minutes after she comes I see 5 chapati in the box and tell her to stop and she looks surprised, then roams around my kitchen doing nothing (apparently blind to the fact she created a tower of dishes in my sink and put flour all over the place making chapati) and then suddenly her damn phone rings and she goes to chat, and hang up suddenly informing me she will go downstairs for 5 minutes looking like it is very urgent.
Ishita tries to follow her to the door and the maid bent down to pick her up while saying "I'm taking her with me ok?"...AHEM!!!!!!!!!!! Nope not ok, I don't trust her in my home, she clearly can't be trusted with just cleaning and cooking, how can she even think it is ok to take MY DAUGHTER downstairs, I hired her to take care of household chores in the morning so that I have time to play with my daughter and be with DH on the very few hours he actually spend at home mind you, so I take Ishi and tell her no, she leaves the apartment. And I go to DH to report the maid left to talk to somebody down and tell him about the Ishita thing, we go on about our morning routine, and 15 minutes later we are both wondering where the maid is, but DH has to get into the shower and I have to get some breakfast done, mumbling and fumbling that my kitchen looks like a disaster struck zone after my maid just made 5 chapati, DH gets out of the shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and we still have no maid, so much for the "just 5 minutes". We are both angry and I tell DH that he will find her just down stairs were we park the car sitting by the potted plants right smack in front of the main entrance, and that if he does to scold her properly. He leaves, and I wait another 15 minutes before calling him again to ask if he found the maid, he told me that yes he did, scolded her because she was right were I said she would be, and asked me if she made it back to our place to finish her job, and I told him that nope she didn't while suppressing murderous thought.
I mean seriously! You get scolded by your employer for being caught red handed slacking off, if you are smart you just march your butt right back to work, even after being told as DH told her not to come back after August 31st (yes DH gave her a notice while firing her).
Just after hanging up I hear my neighbour's door bell ring and I go open to find my maid reporting to work on her next job and explain the yelling she had with my husband to her as my neighbour heard it. At this point I shout back at her in a broken "hinglish" to go back to my kitchen to finish her work, she ignores me and explain to my neighbours that she just doesn't get why my hubby got angry at her for chatting with her friends. My Neighbour who is as pissed with her attitude as I am remind her that when you are on the job you don't take break in the middle of an assignment. The maid still ignores me, and go work next door saying that she has been fired. I then shout in English with my neighbour eagerly translating that if she wants to get paid she better go back in my place finish her work and show up until the end of the months. Looking incredibly pissed my maid finally get the message, but starts working very loudly in the kitchen while I continue chatting with my neighbour who informed me that she also cut half of her chores and the maid salary by default hiring another one for the dishes as she simply couldn't take it anymore with he whole attitude and slacking.

Turns out this maid is of the stupid, really stupid kind. No one likes to work as a house cleaner, I mean yeah I get it, I worked low jobs myself. But guess what at the end of the day you still get paid, and if you are smart you suck it up and do your job properly.
And a maid who works properly in India gets perks, in the form of gifts, donation of old stuff, and pay raise. The maid I have now was asking 1000 for the dishes and floor cleaning and 2000 for the cooking, I know that next door she was earning about 1500 plus extra for the extra work like cleaning the terrasse, so in just two houses working only in the morning for about 3-4 hours she was making at least 4500 rupees. She was working just in our 2 homes not having any other assignment, but a smart maid can easily work 4-5 house a day depending what she is doing and how she negotiate her hours (some people don't mind having the cooking done at night). While maids are a cheap commodity in India if they show professionalism they can get an ok amount of money and still have a lot of time left for family, and often that is why these ladies work as maids, they support their husband financially and still have time for taking care of their own families.
Our maid was dumb enough to blow a full 3k in our home, and 500 bucks in the neighbour's home just by repetitively slacking off and making excuses about it.
I do not feel sorry firing her, but I feel sorry for her being so stupid and careless really.


  1. So much drama, I'd just do the cleaning myself. I don't think I could tolerate stranger in my house on a daily basis anyway. I like my privacy and for things to be done exactly the way I want it!!

  2. Well the problem in Idnia is that somehow it takes about twice as long to do regular cleaning, houses even in clean urban setting get filthy in no time.
    Dishwasher do not exist at a loacl decent price, and indian cuisine use a lot of oil and a LOT of pots pans and ustensil, so unless you want to waste 3-4 hours on household chores daily you need a maid to help out. I have a new one, and every single morning she sweeps out heaps of dust and my shiny marble tile floor gets stained and yuck by the evening, I swear I didn't even half that dirt in my flat after a week.
    My maid comes in daily for 2 hours in the morning to cook, and do my dishes as well as sweep and mop the floor, I'm still doing my bathroom, laundry, dusting and clean the terrasse several days a week.


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