When it rains, it pours

3:18 PM

So far I since having been in India I experiences the gentle version that seem to shower Chennai and Bangalore. It is pleasant, it is sunny on most days with a few nights of heavy rain and occasional showers lasting a few hours during the day. The weather cools down a lot in Bangalore too making it total bliss.
Mumbai however is a different story, I knew it would be bad before shifting as years after years we hear report of floods, and disruption of normal life when it suddenly rains too much in this city.

Well we couldn't have shifter to that place at any worse time than July. Since we moved I've seen more rainy days than sunny one and when it rains for over 24 hours straight it is downright depressing, not that I don't know what this is, Switzerland is pretty wet too, but in 7 years in India I came to enjoy the fact that outside the monsoon season it is pleasantly dry and we get to see the sun each day for about the same amount of time regardless of the season.
This year must be the first time the monsoon is actually going on my nerve, temperature wise I won't complain of course because I know how hot Mumbai gets the rest of the year, but the humidity which is already quite high the rest of the year thanks to the fact Mumbai is right on the coast simply gets out of control during the rainy season.
IN the two months we've been there half of our clothes are actually catching mold in the wardrobe, my cane bedside table lamps have been turning green with mold every few days, no matter ow well I wash them and let them dry in the sun when we actually get to see it, the storage room/pantry reeks of molds and even the guest pillows and blanket which have been neatly packed away are growing fungus. The bedsheets on our bed are damp all the time and I change them every 3-4 days, the quilt we use is stick and damp as well, so much that to just have a somewhat pleasant sensation when I slip under the cover at night I took to blow dry the top of the blanket with my hair dryer. the effect is of course temporary, and again on any given sunny period the quilt finds it's way on my terrasse to sundry, only to have it as damp as it was in the evening after I put it back in the bedroom for barely an hour or two.
People say that running the AC solves the problem, but we haven't bought an AC unit yet, and frankly I don't see the point of running it when the temperature is so nice, maybe it would be better to start building homes with a proper ventilation system, which our apartment clearly hasn't.
Because as I said, Switzerland is a pretty wet place, but you don't hear of people having mold in their wardrobes, damp bed sheets, and wood and cane turning green, and it is not because we have central heating which in Geneva by law runs only int he winter months which are also the driest of all, the rest of the year we have a lot or rain, no one owns an AC but we are still mold free...something to ponder indeed.

Right now I'm seeing the grey sky and it finally stopped raining after almost 48 hours of downpour, the grassy filed across my apartment looks like a pond and I can't wait for the monsoon to end.


  1. Wow that must be quite an adjustment. I experienced monsoon from Bangalore. Like you said - it is much milder than mumbai's monsoon. I hope you guys are able to adjust soon!

  2. I hope its even possible to adjust to Mumbai :-)
    Today it's pouring down again, had 2-3 hours of no rain last night, but this morning it's raining buckets again. I'm waiting for the sun to come to drag all my pillows and blanket out to dry again...sigh!


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