Falling into Fall

7:02 PM

The monsoon finally left us, but unlike Bangalore where the rain brings in cooler days until March, Mumbai gets humid, and hot all over again.

DH and I are starting to think about purchasing an AC unit for our bedroom as the nights are getting a bit uncomfortable. And I am for once glad that Ishita decided to co-sleep with us, because her room is window less and we can't leave the terrasse door opened at night due to our rat situation, her room unlike ours is solely designed to be equipped with a split AC unit which are costlier and a giant pain in the butt to install, not the kind of expense you want to do in a rented apartment as it also leaves ugly holes behind once you decide to leave. The master bedroom can be equipped with a window box unit easily at least.

One of the common factor between Bangalore and Mumbai is that the change of season inevitably brings me down with a cold. So here I am coughing a storm, my back all achy from the constant coughing, and I guzzle down fluids like a sponge to cope cursing under my breath that this had to fall while Aunt Flo is visiting leaving me not only coughing and numb but crampy and bitching murderous from PMS as well.
I just wish that Ishita won't catch it, and that it will be all better before Monday evening because that's when my mom is flying all the way from Switzerland to visit us fro 2 weeks. While she is there I plan to do some sightseeing around Mumbai not spend time grounded at home because we are all sick...sigh!


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