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5:18 PM

When we shifted to this new apartment, we somehow decided that since there was two fairly sized bathroom we will each get our own for several reasons.
I took the master bedroom bathroom because the tile were a bit less smooth and less dangerous for Ishita and DH took the common bath.

What I of course didn't expect was for an interesting social experiment to take place which clearly highlights the fact that there are fundamental differences between guys and ladies in a bathroom. Forget the old toilet seat up or down nonsense, I never got what the fuss is all about.
Nope it seems that in every place I've been that was male dominated...as in a bachelor's apartment you need to practically update all your vaccine shots just to look at it. But I would have expected DH to know better after sharing a bathroom with me for so long.
Nope! It seems that he is letting his bachelor side come out in the bathroom, and that is not a nice sight. I didn't particularly care about it until now, because I think self respected adults can take care of cleaning their own little space but apparently I was wrong.
I decided to look at his lair today as my mom is coming and will be using the common bathroom, and EWWWWWWW I should have done that earlier!
That place couldn't scream BACHELOR any louder, the floor was dusty and still wet from his morning shower, the newest soap package was left open on the bassin, the soap dish was full of water with a melted mass of soap remains congealed at the bottom with the new bar proudly sitting on top, next to the human soap there was the dog soap in a separate dish (thanks Heaven!), two half finished toothpaste tubes, the tooth brush was not in a the holder, on a shelve there was all of Jasmine's soaps and shampoos and a heap of dog hair DH never threw out, the mirror was dirty but also still have the manufacturer's name printed all over it because he never wiped it off, the hand towel holed was empty and quite frankly if I die of typhus or something next week we will all know why.
Some of the dust got wet and dry so many times it made a crust and I had to use the high pressure butt shower to dislodge it. When I cleaned the soap dish, I noticed the congealed lump of old soaps was starting to mold (never knew soap could actually catch fungi). The laundry hamper was stuffed with several newspaper as DH reads on his throne and apparently think it is convenient to just leave the daily news there and in the evening just dump his dirty laundry on top pushing the paper down with it.
I think I'll have to remind DH to at least use the floor wiper to push the excess water and some of the dirt in the drain daily, because clearly that works in my bathroom and it keeps clean longer. But really what is it with guys and bathrooms? They spend thousands on cleaning their car, hours making sure their iPod, laptop and TV are all shiny, but can't take 5 minutes to just swipe their den clean?

On this note and existential question I leave you for 2 weeks as I will pick up my mom at the airport in a few hours.
See you October 12th!


  1. Have fun with your mother! It's always exciting have family visit.

    As for the cleaning, tell me about it! Abhi doesn't do much cleaning either. He knows I'll do it eventually once I get fed up with it. All I can hope for is one day it'll get better. But looking at all the couples I know (my parents included), I don't think it's going to happen any time soon.

    Good luck!


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