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11:51 AM

I'm sorry for the lack of update, I spend my days chasing a toddler, and generally fixing damages as it seems that this stupid apartment despite being brand new is falling apart.

We moved in July 1st and since then I lost the count of the times I had to call the plumber because of leaking faucet, burst hose, or burst pipe, not counting all the time there is suddenly no water in the bathroom for an unknown reason.

While we are at it, in the short time we moved in I have mold and fungus on everything wooden or cotton in my wardrobe, the storage room reeks of mold, my cane lamps are green with fungi, the chopping board, bamboo steamer and even my leather shoes are all moldy as well.

Internet acts up all the time, and just yesterday after my neighbour and I called the Internet people everyday for over a week did they finally identify why oh why every morning at 6am Internet was going off until someone deign to come switch it back one. Turns out that someone switched the cable power supply to the building's timer so that when the public area lights go out in the morning so does the Internet, apparently they never really bothered to investigate until my neighbour shouted at them in the phone yesterday, for them it was clearly no big deal to send someone at around 10-11am to just switch it back on.

I already killed 2 rats in the past 2 months, and one seem to have damaged my washing machine for this weekend it simply stopped working, it adds water, but the drum isn't rotating. Under the washing machine where one could have access to the inside there was a lot of rat poo poo, so I took the rat poison out again and we found him dead on the neighbour's terrasse Sunday evening...good riddance, but I'm still waiting for the LG people to come to have a look and fix it.
Oh and my blanket damage mystery has been solved, kind off, we found out that some bloody idiot on the 14 floor is caging their balcony, and they apparently used welding iron and the sparks fell on my blanket, we know because the next day they realised they should maybe warn us that hot molten metal would be falling and that was dangerous. The problem is that no one wants to pay for that blanket, because apparently I should have known that they like to work on a particular day without them warning me.
The same balcony has been a work in progress ever since, yesterday the owner came again to warn us that Wednesday is welding day, my neighbour started complaining asking her how much time we will have to put up with this nonsense since we are talking about one single tiny freaking balcony, and the owner in question apparently was shocked to hear we are fed up with it and simply said that it will take as long as it will have to take...thanks for the info lady! and all that time it didn't occur to her to tell her worker to use protecive sheets to make sure no one gets injured downstairs.
But that lady isn't the worst of all these obnoxious nouveau riche owner, yup we have a guy on the 12th floor who takes the cake, she slaves his workers all night long to turn his freaking apartment into a palace and who cares if the others can't sleep because of constant hammering and cement splattering. Again my neighbour complained only to find the owner in question at her door ready to physically aggress her for daring to state the fact this building has an obvious rule : NO WORK ALLOWED AFTER 6pm AND ON SUNDAYS
The guy told her that she could try approaching CIDCO or any other government or community association member he was above them, leading us to think we are dealing with one of those highly corrupt dirt money scum bag, he even terrorised the security staff into letting his workers work at night and sty in the building at all time despite it being prohibited and being a security breach. His Scumbag Highness wants to move by Diwali and his personal Maharaja's marble palace has to be built in two months from scratch so who cares if everybody has to suffer? Cement all over your terrasse and clothes? Insomnia? Apparently a small price to pay for us law abiding peons, I keep wondering if he doesn't have a guy in charge of whipping his workers into working faster.

All in all, the past almost 3 months proved me right in all there is to hate about apartment buildings and how poor of an investment they are.


  1. OMG! Adventure in India, indeed. I'm so sorry you're going through all of that hell.

    All of it sucks, but the mold, quite honestly, would be my biggest concern (aside from the rats)...it is VERY toxic. Have you looked into how to resolve the mold issue?

  2. Well here is the big issue about mold: NO one will care. The building has been badly planned ventilation wise, no architect seem to think of such details when designing a building, then there is the fact that the developer sells the flats to individuals, and that once it is all sold it is generally pretty much out of their hand, in most appartment building you have a community association, which would be like home owner association in US, they can't do much about the mold, because it is a case of cheap pipes bursting or leaking inside the walls in a lot of cases. Plus no one seem to really understand how dangerous mold can be.
    On my furniture and clothes catching mold here is the most common problem solver I heard:
    Mumbai is humid, you need to run the A/C all the time to get things dry.
    So that is encouraging people to spend big bucks on A/C unit, running huge power bills, so that no civil engineer or governement body has to worry about planning buildings that will stay sanitary over the years.

    You can still lodge a complaint against the developer if you wish, but bureaucracy in India doesn't work too well, especially for such petty cases.

  3. I'm so sorry you are having a mold problem! Just be careful. Perhaps you can clean the mold up with bleach? But that won't prevent it from coming back.

    We've been having a problem with rats too. They chewed through the grate to the storm drain in the courtyard and now have a nest somewhere in the house. And unfortunately going through our bedroom is the quickest route to outside, so our room is like a baby rat highway. Eww! So needless to say the rat poison was purchased today so hopefully that will help.

    Stay healthy!

  4. Thanks Jessica,
    I'll remember the bleach if the mold comes up on the walls, right now it is really just on our furnitures and clothes, I can't really bleach these :-)

    The rat poison kills the rats slowly from what I found out, so once they nibbled a cake you might have to wait 2-4 days to see them dead deoending on how much they ate, but this seems to be working great. I would also try to get a pest control company to do some treating into your whole place if you live in an independant house appartment, or let the landlord know about it, because one of the advantage of renting a place in one of these "independant houses" is that you know exactly who to talk to in case of problems, not like in that moster apartment building community I live in.


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