Victim of stupidity

2:53 PM

This picture above is my blanket after I put out some flame burning it on my terrasse, how it happened?
Well I would love to blame it on someone's stupidity, but sadly I think it is more the fact that no one seem to care or respect anything that seem to be outside their home's wall.
I put my blanket out to dry after the 4 days of rain we had because it was getting seriously damp nad today was a very bright and sunny day...bliss! I even had lunch on my terrasse, and then decided to clean it from all the concrete bits that has fallen on it due to the construction still going on in many of the apartments above.
It was while cleaning and filling my bucket of water in the kitchen that I saw the smoke and flame going up and in a matter of seconds I was out with my bucket and threw the water right at the flames, fuming inside at the morons any morons working or living in this building for thinking that throwing a match or a cigarette out of their window or balcony was a good idea, and part of me was very relieved that Ishita was with me in the kitchen and didn't notice the flames.

But come one people! What is wrong with you idiots that apparently can't find a garbage bin to put your trash in? What makes you think you can throw it right out and let the others bear the consequences of your carelessness? Who is going to pay the 2000 bucks it will cost me to replace this blanket huh?
Sickening as it is it reminds me about an article I just read a couple of days back in the Mumbai Mirror about garbage disposal and how Mumbai is one of the filthiest cities in the world, and how the main culprit despite what the common man wants to think isn't the government but every single individual who don't think twice about throwing their crap on the street, or out of their windows, or on the beach and simply think that once it is out of their hand it is no longer their problem.
There isn't a day since we moved into this apartment that I'm not cleaning away some cement drops, empty biscuit wrapper and other garbage from my terrasse, my neighbour complains about the same too, and we only fear that once the building becomes fully occupied we are just going to see more trash in our outdoor living space.

I would like to urge people to THINK and WATCH before throwing stuff away the way it is done almost everywhere, you are guaranteed to make the life of someone else less pleasant, be it the garbage collector and street sweeper that break their backs picking your crap up every morning, or someone like me who has to replace a blanket, or spend hours cleaning her terrasse daily...think about it.


  1. Poor blanket :( But glad that Ishi and Jass were not on the terrace when this happened! People do not be careless and please do use TRASH not neighbour's terrace!

  2. Hi Cyn,

    You are bang on the spot. Indians have a very strange sense of cleanliness: it just applies to their house or immediate surroundings, sometimes not even that! Simply people don't care.

    Even when there's a trash can, I have seen people not careful to make sure the waste falls into the can and not outside. Even if it falls outside, they don't bother to pick it up and put it inside the can. It's sometimes so disgusting.


  3. Hi Pradeep, long time no see.

    Yes I remember when my cousin came to visit me and we went to Lalbagh, she took a snap of a big garbage bin with the word "USE ME" on it and tons of plastic bottles, bags, chips wrapper and what not scatteredaround in a 10 meter radius, there was almost nothing in the bin...How can people brag about their parks and garden but leave such filth?


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