Juhu Beach

12:04 PM

When my mo was there I took her to Juhu beach one afternoon, and it was also Ishita's first real beach experience. I say first real because we've been on the shore and on that very beach before but she didn't get to go in the water. My little cutiepie had a blast, and took to seawater just like a fish would do, we didn't have to explain to her where to go she ran straight for the waves, and that was far since we went at low tide, once she got her feet in it, there was no stopping her, she wouldn't come out of it out of free will.
There is only one thing that make me a little sad is that Ishi's first beach experience had to be Juhu which is by far one of the filthiest beach I've seen in India.
The first time I set foot on Juhu beach was in 2004 and back then I remember finding it quite dirty already, we then went again with Ishi before but as I said never made it to the water as we got a sudden craving for "Pani Puri" and Ishi got heavily distracted by a paper pinwheel we bought her, but the filth was there all around. With my mom we made it to the water, to find a great collection of rubbish ranking from plastic bags, to empty bottles of all size shape and material passing by unidentifiable crap and a sample jar Ishi found in the water that looked just the same as these pee pee sample container they hand over to you in hospitals...ewww

Each time I go there I keep wondering why oh why this beach looks the way it does, with all the big five star hotel, high profile residents living in the vicinity and all.
When we lived in Chennai both Besant Beach and Marina beach get as many visitors daily, and yet you won't find much garbage there, and the water is clean, heck even the surrounding of chaat vendors stalls are kept clean in Chennai, so really I can't blame the filth of Juhu beach on too many visitors, especially when what you find in the water is not even sold on the sand (such as my pee pee sample container discovery). I came to the conclusion with DH that people in Mumbai don't seem to care as much for their sea front as their counterpart in Chennai, which is really sad as this would otherwise be a pleasant place to hang out, walk, and unwind in the evening or early hours in the morning.

I hope to be able to take Ishita to some clean beaches in Goa soon, she loves the sea and I'd rather have her make sand castles in Goa than with all the garbage found in Juhu.

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  1. is that Ishita? she's a cutie! i see jasmine in the other post, has gotten bigger. time sure flies fast!

  2. Yes this is Ishita, she has grow a lot huh? And jazz is one big happy big pooch too, we are getting her on a diet though and the vet said she has some thyroid issue :-)


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