Navi Mumbai drama

Negative vibes

12:37 PM

I swear our apartment has some very negative vibes, probably a bad Vaastu (Indian Fengh Shui) and probably bad Chinese Feng Shui to throw in for good measure.

In the 4 months we've been there my laptop fried, the desktop had its fair share of problem, my DVD player decided not to play certain DVD, the electric hot plate went for a fix twice, the washing machine has some issues too, and my rice cooker's thermostat fried again, I'm just waiting for my microwave and my toaster to start bugging me as well now. The plumbing has been a mess since we moved in and if it is not a leaky tap or a burst pipe it's low or too high pressure in the pipes that plagues us.
DH's job is stressful and it doesn't seem we get rest and peace here, in the past 3 months I've had more sickness than I had in all of last year from stomach bug to cold passing by joint pains, my dog isn't too happy either and even Ishi and DH got sick at one point.

It of course doesn't help that both DH and I do not particularly like Mumbai to begin with, but we moved there with an open mind, and at first I liked how the flat looked, so I can only blame bad energy for how we all feel today.
I'm at a point where you give me the option to move out of this city and place and I would take it in a split second.
I want Ishi to grow up in a place where there are trees, parks and playground, and where the heat is not brutally knocking you off most of the day.
Boy I think I miss Bangalore and am actually home sick now (Home in this case being Bangalore).


  1. oh wow, cyn! sounds like your apt doesn't like any kind of modern technology. i hope things will get better - equipment-wise, anyway. take care. (limoncello)

  2. Hi Limon!
    Long time no see!

    I sure hope equipment wise the doomsday are over, we finally got the washing machine fixed. Now I'm yet again down with a cold, third one since we moved in in July this is getting ridiculous.

  3. oh, no! hope you get better soon. i'm crossing my fingers that there won't be anymore equipment doomsday.

    take care. hugs to you and Ishita - and happy halloweeen!


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