Advent calendar...DONE!

11:19 AM

I managed to wrap every present and decided to take advantage of the fact Ishita was sleeping to get the whole thing assembled on Saturday night.
I used strong cardboard sealing tape to tape a Christmas tree made of cardboard to the marble door frame leading to the kitchen. High enough so that my dog can't take it down. Then, I attached all the little presents to it with ribbons and scotch tape.
The next morning, I woke up to a few presents on the floor, and realised that some were a bit too heavy to just hang by a teeny tiny bit of tape. So, I did some rearranging and after a few more fallen items all through Sunday and a few staples used to remedy to it, it now seems to be holding up.

Ishita isn't paying much attention to the thing yet. At least not in the sense of "I want to open the presents" way. I can't wait to be on Wednesday and see how she will react opening the first one, which I think is a small pack of cadburry gems, which she loves.

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  1. Advent calendars were a huge thing in my (German) family growing up. And I hope to continue it for my kids (even though A. doesn't quite get them).
    Good job!

  2. Samba, I think advent calendar are a typical German tradition, I heard they are also done in Nordic countries as well, Switzerland has a strong cultural influence from Germany and Austria and it tend to show around Christmas, even in the French speaking part of the country where I grew up. Growing up I also had a store bought paper calendar with the little door showing new pictures every day, I plan to do these too once Ishi is a bit older, now she would not really get it :)


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