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Blogging in my bed

1:53 PM

You probably guessed, and indeed I got my netbook yesterday and am using today to blog during Ishi's nap.
DH brought my old laptop to the store yesterday to avail the exchange offer and brought back a netbook, generic bag for it and the little freebie kit Staples did put together for the festive season containing earphones, a slim notebook sleeve to protect it while traveling without being bulky, a quirky mouse shaped like a cartoon frog head and a mouse mat, and a bit too big scratch guard thingy to apply to the monitor, I won't use that one though as it needs to be cut to size and since my netbook isn't a touch screen one there is little point in doing it.

So far my impression of it is quite good, I never owned something that small as far as computer goes so I'm adjusting to the screen size, but other than that it seems fun, it is light, and I can carry it from room to room easily. People don't always realise that stay at home mom need mobility and easy access to net with a toddler running around, I spent the last few months trying to make the most of her naps, praying Ishi would not realise she's been put in a bed alone so I could get things done online, not anymore.
There is one thing though about windows 7 starter edition that I already don't like, it's minor really but I can't personalise the desktop unless I upgrade to windows 7 home edition download a little software to bypass that restriction or something. I'm geeky enough that I mind. I think I'll find a way to upgrade there, there must be other thing about the Starter Edition I won't like as I get to know it.

As far as Diwali is concerned, DH is working today and has the 5th off, so as usual we will do everything at the last minute. DH fortunately remembered that we never set the puja corner in this flat and never had a proper place for it, so he went buying a small wooden shrine display yesterday and we set it up in the living room for now. I'm getting some of the curtains cleaned today as the humidity and dust we have around turned them dirty, even dirtier than in Bangalore after the same amount of time, if that is an indicator of how the air around here is bad, for the past week or so we've been cleaning here and there in preparation for Diwali and it seems dirt has settled already everywhere in such a short time we've been living here.

I really am starting to miss Bangalore more and more.


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