Comfort food

10:51 AM

DH is on a mini business trip for 3 days, and each times he leaves I tend to cook almost no Indian food, or have none cooked for me by the maid.

Don't get me wrong I love Indian cuisine, but I don't think there is a single couple on this planet be it in an intercultural relationship or not who doesn't reminisce on these old Singleton days filled with the food you like with no one complaining about how too bland or too spicy or too crunchy or to odd it is.
DH is a picky eater, he likes chicken with gravy, a potato-tomato mix and dal, and if he can he will dump the dal and sabji in rice douse in curd (thick yogurt) and...hold on to the chair please...sprinkle with sugar.
I let him do the sugary rice goo, but I need more veggies than just potatoes at every meal or with the same blend of spice, so we compromise there.
DH doesn't quite like the blandness of Continental cooking, will not touch a steamed veggie if he can avoid it, isn't too crazy about a comforting bowl of pasta in front of TV, and to him a cheese sandwich is a snack, not an evening meal.
I like to eat dinner early otherwise I don't sleep too well with a tummy full, DH likes to have dinner at 10-11pm, so again we compromise most of the time, if he comes home before 9pm we have dinner together, otherwise I go the Swiss way and he goes the Indian one.
He got hooked to my idea of breakfast though: muesli and fruits with a glass of juice, not that he can't take the oily paratha or pakora or eek my least favourite of all "bread omelet".

So anyway when DH is gone on a trip I tend to go and eat salads for lunch, sandwiches, and make myself yummy pastas, fruit bowls, chicken soups, sprout mixes, rice and veggies stir fry and occasionally will order myself a pizza because that is what I used to like back in my old single girl in Geneva days.

Don't we all do the same?


  1. I like all the comfort food you mentioned but hey i love "bread omlette" too..what's not to like with toasted bread a nice omlette? i have to know! ;-)

    sugary rice? he a gujarati/ rajasthani? they do that a tastes good in some dishes but not in most :)

  2. DH is Lucknowi, his familly find the sugary rice wierd.

    As for bread omelet I don't like it, because it's oily and too salty and tend to churn my stomach upside down in the morning :-)

  3. I know exactly how you feel. Pasta, salads, bread and cheese (the stinkier the better, since A. does not even like to get close to those) are all food that come to my table as soon as A. is not in sight. Funny though that now that we are living apart I look forward to visits when I cook Indian food.
    A. is super picky... but never would he add sugar to his rice! hehehe


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