The festive season is upon us

11:18 AM

Diwali falls on November 5th (or November 4th according to some calendars) this year, and like every year this is that time of the year for stores to launch big shopping festivals.
Since it is auspicious to spruce up your home you can bet home furnishing stores and electronic stores are the first one to offer you all kind of deals and free gifts with purchase. So much that if you plan to buy a home appliance or some furniture it's all in your advantage to wait for that time.

DH and I are in need of several furniture but not in a hurry especially since he is going to start a new job soon and we could maybe move again, but we went looking around too, we also are thinking our fridge is really starting to be a bit tiny so we just went enquiring, not that we are planning to buy one right away, but it is during that time you learn interesting things like the fact our fridge is still actually worth about half the price we purchased it for in 2004...not to bad indeed.

We also looked at netbooks, as my laptop is really acting up now being 4.5 year old, half the keys aren't really working well, and the battery is...well...working as fine as you can expect after 4 years, plus it is dead slow. I could have gone for another big laptop but considering I'm using mine only to be mobile around the house when Ishita is napping, I really don't need something huge to just blog and visit message boards. We found out that my ancient laptop is still worth 2000 bucks in an exchange scheme, I say fair enough, we get 2k off the price of a netbook, the store's special Diwali freebie kit and I get to have the luxury to blog in bed again. I can't wait to get it really.

Apart from this Diwali is also that time of the year you get to decorate your home with lights, and half the balconies in my colony are already dressed up in twinkle lights, Ishi finds them fascinating, so yesterday I went digging in my storage and found the two IKEA garlands my cousin gave me and we use almost every year and set them on one of the windows:

I guess we used one garland more than the other as the lights are less powerful in it, but they still look pretty, Ishita was in total awe at them and keeps pointing to them when I have them on, we plan on putting more of these in the coming day, but we tend to always do that kind of decorating last minute, DH says we can do last like year in Bangalore and rent the lights saving us the hassle of installing them, but I like these cute little fabric lanterns they are selling around here and would like to set a few as well, I'll take more pictures once we are done with our master plan :-)

Oh and I decided to change the background of my blog as well, a bit more festive you might say, I got sick of the green batik one.


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  2. since you're about four hours ahead of us (it's about 22:00 here) - i guess, it's safe to wish you and your family a - Diwali ki Haardik Shubhkamnae. i hope i spelled the correctly :)

    (ps: sorry. i don't know what i did to the other comment. it's getting late, that's for sure. oy...)

  3. Thank you :-)

    I think the correct spelling is "Diwali ki Haardik Shubhkamnaye" :-)
    We don't see this one much "Happy Diwali" is what we see everywhere these days


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