Happy Diwali

12:09 PM

A bit belated I must admit.

So as usual DH and I did most of our preparations last minutes including shopping for new clothes and prettifying the terrasse. But by 7.30pm we were ready for puja (at home), Ishita wasn't too thrilled about her pretty fancy salwaar, the reason being that whoever designed that thing didn't have a toddler in mind as it is pretty much conceived like an adult dress, the head hole is the right size but unless you keep your arms up high and pull it down it is though to dress, and of course you imagine the panic of a 16 months old toddler to find herself in the dark inside a kurta while both mommy and daddy struggle to pull it down. So much that I will have to take it to a tailor to get a zipper in the back for a better ease of dressing next time.
So after Ishi got calmed down and our puja done we headed to some friends to offer them sweets, and then back home to cook some chole puri with DH and eat. Ishi fell asleep despite the noise of firecrackers and the dog going ballistic, and woke up when DH was about to go out to do some crackers, and only then did she got a bit scared of the noise, so I watched from the terrasse for a while and then brought Ishi in our bed as all the smoke from the crackers was starting to make me feel a bit bad.

Oh and DH got his first company gift that was actually nice and useful, all the previous years at his previous jobs we were getting T-shirts, caps, mugs and hell enough laptop bags to open our own shop, they were nice but are just piling up in our storage area (aside from the tea mug we are actually using). His current company came up with an interesting gift. They purchased insulated casseroles (commonly used as chapati storage boxes) and filled them with nuts and chocolate and other sweet goodies before putting them back in their box and wrapping it.
Our old chapati box while being fine isn't looking as cute and nice as this one, and we love dry fruits and nuts, we eat them all the time for breakfast or as snacks so this is definitely not going to waste at all. They could have gifted us the sweets and nuts alone as they are very popular choices as Diwali gifts, and generally come presented in a fancy cardboard box that will inevitably end up or in the garbage or in a storage place with the idea you might use it again (yeah right), by actually putting the traditional Diwali goodies in a box you can use in your kitchen daily, I think whoever thought of that in his company was right on!

Oh and here are a few pics of out prettified terrasse at night:


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