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The last big ticket baby gear

12:41 PM

This weekend we had to get Ishita a new car seat, she is just weighting 10kg and is pretty much a peanut, and her infant rear facing seat would still have been fine to use if she wasn't screaming and fussing and twisting all she could in it, so we are switching her to a bigger front facing one.
Now I know I have readers in US and I KNOW the new guidelines about how you should keep your kids rear facing until at least 2 years of age. But combinations seats in India are a rarity, cost an humongous amount of money if you can find one, beside Ishita spent a few short car trip seated on the back seat with me holding her and worrying a lot, it seems that what she wants is seeing Papa drive, seeing the road and looking out of the windows.

Anyway, back to car seat purchase, again not much choice but to head to Mothercare, where we live in Mumbai doesn't have a lot of baby stores selling baby gear, Lifestyle and its baby shop isn't there, and while Chicco finally came with a brand store and their whole range in India they are in Delhi only so far, and their website lack prices mention and online shopping, and the website who sells some car seats from several brand, do not sell anything but the infant seats Ishi outgrew.
The Mothercare outlet near our place is inside a Shoppers stop so they don't seem to have a lot of option, though I know in the past year they have changed a lot of their catalogue item, and even in 2009 when we were baby shopping a lot lots of their big ticket items were "on order" only. So for the car seats they had only 2 house brand ones, one without side impact protection and a fabric padding that didn't look very sturdy, another with side impact and better padding that wasn't in stock and needed to be ordered, and two maxi cosi models that were pretty much the same price and looked the same to me but apparently weren't. Apart from these they had two models of "9-36kg" seats but Ishi still sleeps in the seats on long trip and the latest do not allow any recline, in fact they allow only straight back sitting, and it is not something Ishi is confy with just now.
So we went with the Maxi cosi model, which cost a cool 13k but thankfully I still had Ishi's birthday money from her great-grand ma in Switzerland, and between the out of stock Mothercare brand model and the one we purchased it seems the Maxi Cosi one is a bit sturdier, comes with a seat belt tension system to insure that your car seat is properly attached to the car's back seat using a standard adult 3 point lap belt and is an international brand which means you can get accessories and warranty on it more easily.
Ishita didn't get to try it yet as the shopping mall's parking was too dark and hot for me to be able to set properly, and the Shopper Stop people didn't come to install it for us. Fortunately the instruction manual was clear, the belt hooking simple enough so once back home I set the whole thing in 10 minutes including the shoulder strap height.

And it feels good to know that this item is the last baby gear item that is a necessity, we have all the other, Ishi is a toddler and from now on, apart from clothes and toys, there isn't anything baby to buy every now and then...yay


  1. I am crazy crazy crazy about car seats, but even in America most parents put their kids forward facing way before 2 years. I stuck it out until I think 16 months, but I was almost the last one to switch.

  2. The car seat was THE item that was on top of my list while pregnant, and there isn't much to choose from in India and even less knowledgeable salespersons to guide you.

    I hear that in US the law still say a child has to be rear facing until 12 months or reaching a certain weight, but the new guidlines are urging parents to keep your child rear faced until 2 years of age.
    In Europe it seems to be more of a weight matter that decides when to turn the baby.
    Ishi decided she about had it facing the back of the car, she is 16 months :-)

  3. We never bought a car seat for our son till he turned 10 months. Until then i sat at the back seat of the car and held him in my arms or my lap.. we never drove outside Blore.. so that was safe enough cant go more than 40kmph inside the city anyway ..i know you guys from the west will not agree :)
    After he completed 10 m, we got a front facing seat, just before our first long road trip..he just turned one, and now we use it even we are going grocery shopping...and my son loves it!

  4. I know many people in India will not agree, but I saw too many horrid dummy car crash videos in Switzerland as part as traffic issue education we have all scholarity long that holding baby in arms is NOT safe, in case of impact even one at 30-40 km per hour A baby will slip out of your arms due to g-force and inertia, and I've been in a car crash myself as a teen, I know how harsh they are, we were going at 40km/h I was wearing a seat belt in the back seat, I braced myself for the impact, and my head still hit the front seat leaving a big bump on me, the paramedics refused to let us go before a trip to hospital and an x-ray later, I had no concussion, but my head hurt a little for up to 12 hours afterward. Can't risk Ishi's life that way especially not on the roads in India which are even less safe, and considering a baby doesn't have strong musles and still delicate bones.The car crash I was into myself was one where my dad who was driving was not guilty, a guy cut from aside road in front of him not stopping to look and we had no choice but to smash in his car, it all happens in a flash


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