Let's go back home

11:30 AM

DH started a new job yesterday and we knew they had a Bangalore office but DH originally thought it would be better to join in Mumbai and see how things go, but in the past few weeks we kept talking and talking about how it would be much better to shift back to Bangalore if his new Boss was fine with it.
And it turns out they are, not that it matters much in which office he officially stays, since this job is a consulting job and means a lot of travelling across India.
We just about had it with Mumbai, its dirt, its long commute, its insane real estate prices, its pollution, lack of green spaces, general ugliness and hellish climate...we definitely aren't Mumbai material, we are stressed out, our apartment is really sending negative vibes, and I think I said it before, but I don't want Ishita to grow up cooped up into our flat simply because there are no playground in our community or public parks to enjoy. It is too sad to think the only thing to do near were we live is going to the mall and spend money out of sheer boredom.
And since DH will be travelling a lot with this new job I want to be in a place were I can have the option to walk around without looking like a sweaty mop after 5 minutes in the sun, be in a place where I know people and can have a social life of some kind, and more important in a place that I know well and were I can commute a bit more easily than in this hole we are in right now, not to mention that for the rent we are paying on this apartment we could get so much better in Bangalore.
With his new job DH has a nearly 2 hour commute by train per way, needless to say he is not spending much time home and we know this is not a good thing in a relationship, the pro though is compared to his old job he at least has Saturdays off, but then since he will be travelling I won't get a lot of weekends with him even with the frequent possibilities of fly backs. Moving back to Bangalore will bring back the commute to a reasonable distance and time for the days he will be in town.

Yes I guess I said it, I am homesick and I want back to Bangalore desperately, I don't care if it means packing moving and unpacking at this point.
So pretty soon (hopefully) DH and I will be flat hunting back in the garden city, and then shift back to the city we like the best in India.
It seems we have to do a lot of thinking again, find a perfect home there in no time and hope we will get the deposit back immediately once we leave this place.
So far the plan is to hopefully find a little time in December to take a weekend trip to Bangalore and cram as many apartment tour as possible in that time to find what we want and then get moving, with some luck we might even avoid the hellish Summer heat of Mumbai in February-March and get away once more with surviving Mumbai without purchasing an AC unit.
Right now I have sweet visions of green trees, comfy sweat pants, cool winters, and afternoon walks in parks among a lot of other things I got to miss about Bangalore in the last few months.


  1. Welcome back to Bangalore! Let me know if you need any leads for apartment hunting. I think our condo has a few avlb for rent


  2. Thanks, once we are starting to look or plan a trip down South to start hunting I'll let you know. Ideally I would prefer a flat in a small building or an independent house, I just about had it with huge residential complexes, I hated them before and the one we are stay in in Mumbai sure hasn't warmed me up to them :-)

  3. Sure..good luck

    And thanks for your comment on my blog. As you can see I am not at all had even stopped giving the URL to anyone and just posted anonymous comments on other blogs if they allowed it :-)

  4. I had to put an end to Anonymous comments as I got a moron posting a serie of rather rude and sometimes insulting comments a month ago or so.
    Now if someone want to insult me and my familly and post idiotic, rude and crude comment I want to know who they are :-)

    You should keep that blog of yours going, this is a great one

  5. Hi Cyn, Happy to know that you will be back to Blr :) I hope all goes well soon!!

  6. Anonymous1:49 AM

    OK, ignore my other comment, as I see that you don't like Mumbai. I haven't been there, but I think Bangalore is more for me. Hope you can get back to "home" soon. :)


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