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Out of cooking gas

11:57 AM

The thing you got to "love" about India is the endless issue and struggles with cooking gas, getting a subscription with a government subsidized company is a pain in the ass, they take time to process the whole thing, they keep telling you they have a shortage of gas cylinder, agree on giving you two cylinders but give you only one, or bluntly tell you you can't register for a second one just now.

In Bangalore we had HP gas for a while until they managed to annoy the crap out of us so much that we cancelled our subscription after they failed to deliver a new cylinder 4 weeks after we demanded a new one, we went to an independent dealer who would always make sure we had a cylinder within the hour of asking for an exchange, and his cylinders just last as long as an HP one and cost just a tad more.

Where we are living in Mumbai, we haven't been able to find an independent dealer, it's or Indane, or HP gas. Indane told us they were not taking subscription at the time we requested one, HP took 2 weeks to process it and we were entitled to only one cylinder. Which is a problem, because with HP when your cylinder is empty, you know you'll have to wait for at least a week before getting a new one if not longer (average of 2 weeks in our experience), so if you don't have 2 cylinders home you can't switch the empty one for the full one and continue cooking while you wait for the delivery of your new one.
Yesterday DH was telling me to remind him to enquire about getting a second cylinder over the weekend as he had a feeling ours would come empty, and now that he has his Saturday off he can visit the HP gas office more easily again.
We go back from a walk, DH decides to make some tea, and...yup you guessed right, the gas go off in the middle of boiling the water, at 8pm! We look at each other and say "Shit no proper cooking for a couple of weeks".
We have a heating plate on which we can boil water and do simple dish, but in our experience cooking in the kadai (wok) is moderately successful on it, and it is impossible to cook chapati, and of course since we have only one hot plate, that means we can only cook one dish at a time, talk about time consuming! And my rice cooker is kaput too so now we are seeing the urgency of having it fixed as well.

Here is to a few weeks of crappy cooking in the making.


  1. The cooking gas is something that I found so interesting when I was in India. Same with hot water for showers. So many times I forgot to turn on the water heater before turning on the shower, so I'd have to wait in the bathroom until it warmed up. I guess it's something I take for granted here in the US, having unlimited use of it!

  2. I have instant water heater where I live right now, you switch them on and within minute the water inside is boiled, then you can take a shower for as long as you want and it will be warm water coming out, in our old home we had these huge "geiser" that took 20 minutes to heat, it sure take some planning to just go wash your hair with these big ones.

  3. Anonymous1:40 AM

    I didnt know you have shifted to Mumbai! I have to get caught up on your blog. How do you like it compared to B'lore? If we move to India (which is still up in the air) It would be to B'lore.

  4. Hi Honeybee :-)
    I remember you were saying there was a possibility of shifting to India, I hope to be back in Bangalore soon enough, I hate Mumbai really, B'lore is probably the best city in the country with the best climate year round too, it would be difficult not to feel at home there.


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