Thinking about Christmas

9:45 PM

With Ishita enjoying the lights during Diwali I'm even more determined to make Christmas special for her this year as she will truly start enjoying it.

So this year I decided to carry on with the Advent Calendar tradition my mom had for us as a kid. In Switzerland it is still done in many families for kids to patient until Christmas and build up the anticipation by wrapping 24 small gifts (and I mean really trinkets nothing big or expensive) and numbering them, the kid picks up the number corresponding to the day of the months and finds out his surprise. I remember absolutely loving it as a kid, and my mom used to be very creative with how each year's Advent Calendar used to look, one year it was a 3D sled filled with the little gifts, another year it was a mural Santa with a hamper on his back shaped out of an empty cornflakes box that has been painted, or there also was the shooting star with presents dangling on its tail, or the little Christmas tree made out of 24 empty toilet paper rolls that have been glued together painted green and stuffed with goodies...and both my sister and I would be in awe not only at the idea of little trinkets but about how they looked, and how they signaled that Christmas was near, very near and getting nearer with each passing December day.

Now I'm aware that Ishi might not really get it all just now, but I want to do it, and I started cutting little yellow stars and one moon out of yellow paper as these will be the tags on each gifts, I bought blue gift wrap to wrap them, and I tried to find some cheap and nice little trinkets a 17 months old would enjoy...and that is a major task, because surprisingly I didn't find a lot today, at least not in the low price range that would be age appropriate, and I'm not really helped by the fact that there is a lack of small toy shops and cheap markets where I live, the only place to really shop easily is the mall, which is mostly home to big toy brands.
I found a few Hot Wheels Matchbox cars at a decent price, and I used to love these growing up...and yes despite being a girl, so I bought 3 for Ishi's calendar, I also found a cute little tiny baby book about colors, a bouncy ball, an bought a few small packs of Cadburry Gems, and a few party whistles to make a few more gifts (With the logic that she will probably break the paper whistles fast anyway), I don't think I'm even close to 24 gifts, I was counting on a few cheap plastic sturdy figurines, but oddly enough didn't find any in the 4 shops that sold kiddie toys in the mall, correction didn't find anything that wasn't Disney, which I would have been fine if one freaking Donald Duck didn't have a price tag of above 100 rupees!
I still have about 2 weeks and a half to finish that shopping, so I hope to be able to find something.
Funny how a couples of year back I had several plastic figurines coming free with juices cartons, cereal, chocolate, and such, back then I gave them to a friend who had kids to enjoy them, and now there is no freebie with these anymore in store...darn!

I'm also not yet decided on how I want to set the whole calendar up, since it will contain edibles, I want it out of reach of the dog, so I guess it will have to be wall mounted, and I'm toying with the idea of keeping it simple (as in string of dangling presents alone) since it will be my first time making one and that Ishi will not yet really appreciate the masterpiece.

I'll of course post pictures once I'm done.


  1. Anonymous6:25 AM

    What a cute idea! I can't wait to see photos!

  2. I love this idea, we do the easy calendar with chocolate in it that you can buy at any grocery store but I really like the TP roll tree idea, we may try that one next year. I would think the rolls would be big enough we could make one for both of the kids... or maybe one for each. Thanks for the idea!

  3. I plan to the the toilet paper roll one once she is older and can figure it out, I really remember that one my mom made for me. I think you can easily put two chocolates or small trinkets in a roll so you can have only one calendar for two kids :)


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