24hr in the life of a toddler's mom

8:42 PM

Each time DH gets on a business trip I hold the fort, and here is pretty much what happens daily in my life with a few variation here and there. Starting Thursday night until now.

Thursday 10 pm: Finally have Ishita asleep, the bottles have been washed, clutter more or less organized, I'm in my pj's feeling pretty beat after a whole day running after a crazy toddler and a dog, DH out of town I did double shift manning the house and crew. To add more to my being tired I haven't slept much the night before due to a stupid bout of insomnia.

Thursday 11.30 pm: I tossed and turn for over an hour, relaxing music didn't work and sleep continues to elude me. Realising I'm so tired that I ran on adrenaline the whole day and ended up being all wired up I suddenly remember I have a pack of old generation anti-histamine a friend left me when she got back to Europe, I kept it for such emergencies as one of the side effect of these is actually drowsiness, so much that they are sometimes prescribed as sleeping aid in Switzerland. 10 minutes later I'm out.

Friday 1 am: Taken out of Morpheus's arms by Ishita sleeping and crying, cursing bloody stupid budding molars I grab her teething meds, we cuddle and fall back asleep.

3 am: Ishi is up, pounding my back happy to see me move, she proceed into whining and fussing, I grap teething meds, she spits the granules out, I sleep walk my way into the kitchen to make a milk bottle, she follows screaming bloody murder, get bottle down not without a few expletive shouted, feed her go back to sleep.

6 am: Ishita is up and happy patting my face and poking my nose to see what happens, then upon seeing I'm not getting out of bed she runs to the bookshelf, throw the entire content of the two lowest shelves on the floor, grab a kiddie book and slap my head with it.
Holding back a few expletive and trying to be a good sport I get out of bed, still feeling drowsy from the anti-histamine, open the terrasse door to let cool air in, put a sweater on, run after Ishi to get her diaper changed and get her pants and sweater on, first mad chase of the day, already grumpy.
Jasmine protests DH's absence by grabbing one of my flip flops and hold it as a hostage. After having Ishi dressed and my flip flop freed in exchange of a chewstick I throw a mug of water in the microwave to make myself a cup of tea, then put tea bag in boiled water, only to realise too late I put green tea instead of a strong assam tea...will have to get a second round to feel awake this morning. In the 3 minutes it takes to get a tea cup ready I yelled NO a dozen of time, prevented her to climb our old sofa on the terrasse to get to the neighbour's terrasse. I give her present 17 on her advent calendar: a bouncy ball. jasmine steals it, I scold the dog, give ball back to Ishi who throws it to the neighbours, fortunately their kid is there and give it back.

7.30 am: I get Ishi in the stroller, the dog on leash and we head for a morning walk. Jazz pulls, I yank and the thought of getting a dozen Labradors and train them to pull the stroller like a sled dog team cross my mind....must be getting insane.

7.50 am: Back home, see untouched mug of tea, reheat it, and suddenly realize that I've been up for 2 hours, fed everybody, changed a diaper, took a dog out for her pee pee - poo poo outing but haven't attended to my own period related needs. Go to bathroom followed by my troops, Ishi proceed to try climbing the commode while I'm on it, Jazz demands that the shower tap be opened to drink from it, I oblige, Ishi loose interest in climbing Mt Commode and wants to play with water while all dressed. I grab baby with one hand, change tampon with other and really think multitasking has some ridiculous limits not to be crossed ever again.

9 am: Things are blurry, not sure how much time lapsed, I screamed NO countless time already. Tried to check my mail, but got distracted by Ishi. jasmine is quiet, Ishi climbed toward the terrasse wall to go to the neighbour a couple of time, tap danced on the dinning table even more times and I decide it is time for breakfast before the maid comes and invade my kitchen. Stumble over a jar of of broken wheat, notice the kitchen drawers have been emptied, find a box of tur dal, moong dal, soy granules, flour, and aloo bujia around the house, store it all back in the kitchen, locate ingredients for pancakes, notice I have only one egg left so downsize the recipe. While I cook Ishi tries to climb my leg, then throw open the drawers again to empty content on the floor. I consider lacing my honey pancake with hard liquor...nah!

10.15 am: Maid shows up, I ask her not to cook because frankly I want her out before she even started as Ishi is finally starting to cool down. Of course Ishita seeing the maid gets a second wind, climbs on computer desk get scolded, climbs on dinning table get scolded, try climbing terrasse wall get seriously yelled at, cries run to maid for consolation, I stop maid right before she picks her up to make the "boo boo" go away, Ishi looks at me and scream a high pitchy scream from hell and thorws a fit, I stay firm, maid sweet talks her, I give mean dark stare to maid, maid goes back to chores probably questioning my method, Ishi go sulk for a while.

11 am: maid starts sweeping, Ishi sees neighbour on her terrasse, neighbour upon seeing me so beat offer to take Ishi for an hour. I go inside to microwave a mug of water for second cup of tea...this time assam tea. Decide to blog about the day and start taking notes, then drink tea while checking my mail.

Noon: Ishi is back, I try to load washing machine with clothes as fast as possible. Ishi falls asleep at 12.30pm and I know I should nap too, but my mind is racing with zillion things to be done and organized. Considering using post it notes, then have a sudden image of Jim Carrey in the movie Bruce Almighty with his post it prayers...seriously frightening.
Made shopping list, need to get to pharmacy later as well, see all the clean dishes on the kitchen counter that need to be stored away, the sofa need to be wiped of formula spills, the two woollen shawls I swore I would hand wash over last weekend are still dirty but just using my brain to think is tiresome, time to nap.

2.15 pm: Ishi wakes up whining, time for lunch. I decide to keep it simple: tomato cucumber salad, a few chicken nuggets and aloo methi continental style. While I peel the cucumber and dice the tomato Ishi finds the remaining cucumber and throw them on the floor to play. I don't care, she is leaving me alone for now. Then she decides to climb the table again and I have to yell "No get down the table" a couple of time while cooking and pick her down, starting to wonder how many calories one burns yelling NO. Change her diaper, put her in high chair, cleared the clean dishes away, and we ate lunch, letting her play with fruit dahi while I continue taking notes for blog entry.

3 pm: Take Ishi out of chair, suddenly realise that we never made it to the shower today, but I really need to go to the pharmacy and general store first as jasmine is still mellow and won't throw a fit if we go out of the house without her. Locate a clean t-shirt, change myself and Ishi and off we go. Come back with only 2 broken eggs and hurt my left ankle again from carrying Ishi on the hip so much.

4 pm: We finally make it into the shower, but not before I chased Ishi around to get her into it. Come out squeaky clean and Ishi runs around naked refusing to have a diaper on, chasing her is getting old really. In the middle of all this the doorbell rings, plumber informs us that we won't have water in the flush in the master bath for a week or so...sweet!
By 4.30 I feel like a whole day has passed since I last took shower, in just 15 minutes Ishi managed to throw the content of two kitchen drawers on the floor, hit her head falling off the sofa, climbed on the table twice and I know I have a batch of laundry to hang but can't bring myself to care about it anymore, the microwave is beeping announcing my tea water is boiled.

5 pm: Ishi goes next door to play with neighbour's kid, tea is almost cool enough to start drinking, I finally wiped sofa clean of formula and yogurt, congratulating myself on insisting on getting a leather sofa instead of going for a fabric upholstered one.

6.30 pm: While Ishi plays with neighbour, I got to straighten the house a little, decide to anticipate her formula feed of the evening by washing bottles, filling the storage can with a fresh pack of powder and filling the drinking water storage bottles., then suddenly hear her scream, go only to find out she played with the boys and got her finger pinched in the door, kiss the boo boo away and she wants to go back play. I make myself a cup of fruit infusion hoping to ease myself into natural sleep later. And plan a cheese sandwich and salad dinner. Just before Ishi comes back.

8 pm: Ishita finally falls asleep while we were watching a cartoon movie about food falling from the sky, my poor brain can't really remember what the title was, but watched till the end and then put her in bed, got myself into pj's again, fed the dog, and set to write blog entry.

It is now 9.40pm I finally finished typing the whole notes I took, the house is cluttered, the newspaper from Thursday and today have not been read, I don't even care about the news these days, both dog and daughter are taking half the space in my bed, I'm not yet feeling sleepy enough, but am determined to sleep without having to resort to an anti-histamine dose, DH is coming back tomorrow morning, we have a Christmas party in the evening, and this morning my maid announced she was not coming Saturday so I will have to do the dishes and mop the floor tomorrow.
Whoever said that being a Stay at home mom ISN'T work is seriously insane.

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