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Acid Shower

6:24 PM

They really should offer free insurances when you plan to live in this society!

I think I wrote enough about my terrasse woes and won't offer a recap here. But it seems that the recurrent theme is "You got a can't use it". This afternoon Ishi and I were enjoying the last few sun rays of the day and taking in the cooler winter breeze when suddenly water came pouring down on us from a balcony above, I immediately rushed inside after checking from where it fell, and the itching on my arms and the faint smell of sulphur had me running to the bathroom to strip Ishi and throw her under the shower and wash her hair which were wet and very foul smelling, before washing myself, by the time I got my hair shampooed my scalp was actually burning a little and I was fuming inside.

Then I went back to the terrasse to see that half of it had that horrible yellow color that is a tale tale sign of sulphuric acid...yes SULPHURIC ACID! This was mixed with water which is probably why my scalp was just itchy but still, we are talking about something that can kill.

My neighbour came on her terrasse at about the same time I was eyeing my terrasse with Ishi safely bundled in a towel in my arms and she immediately called the superintendant as some acid also fell on hers. The super goes up after I tell him from where I saw it fall, and comes down with two maids who explain they were the one washing the balcony as the workers told them to, and then proceeded to downplay the whole thing saying "But we put just a little acid in the water", oh really? does that make it okay then? And then after grumbling they had to clean my terrasse and got both the super and my neighbour scolding them they got to work but arguing that they didn't understand why so much fell all the way down and that it couldn't possibly be their fault...sure I think there are a few spirits that peed down on my terrasse ladies!
After 5 minutes of cleaning they left saying that it was enough (leaving a lot of dirt still on the tiles but removed the acid) and one said a quick "Sorry" and at this point I was like "Yeah Whatever"

It's not the first time that I'm a victim of stupidity in this building: burnt blanket, clothes drying rack destroyed by acid (last week), toxic paint falling on Ishita, and now acid shower?
Are they trying to push us to murder? because I swear I'm starting to have vision of myself hammering people down with my rusted stained drying rack or beating them with acid mops. It seems that every single passing day they are pushing me to the brink of sanity. And worse, no one want to really claim full responsibility, of the two Acid spills on my terrasse in the past week, no one even offered to clean my rack for me leave alone buy me a new one, so when I finally got it clean last Wednesday after finding out Harpic does the job I now had to start all over again tonight.

And my super to say: "At least they diluted the Acid in water, you could have been way more hurt if they used it pure"....You think??????


  1. Actually, I think you received quite decent customer-service. The super even got the maids to clean up the acid on your terrace, and they even apologized to you. So, be happy !

    I had a much worse experience, when I was living in Indiana, USA in a rented apartment.
    I was paying US $ 900 for a 30-year-old, 2-bedroom apartment.

    One Saturday afternoon in summer, water suddenly started dripping from the false-ceiling in my bedroom. Apparently, the air-conditioning equipment located above the false-ceiling was leaking water, and this water was seeping through the drywall-material of the false-ceiling, and spilling on the bedroom-carpet.

    I called the Apartment Super, and he said that as it was Saturday, nobody could help me till Monday. I said, no, help me now. So, ten minutes later, two teenagers, dressed only in shorts (no shirt) came to my apartment, took a look, then came back with a dirty plastic bucket, which they positioned below the water-leak in my bedroom. There was even a cigarette floating in the bucket! So, all Saturday and Sunday, I was busy emptying the collected water in the dirty-bucket, every hour or so.
    On Monday afternoon, some workmen came, took a look, and went away.
    On Tuesday, they started repairing the broken air-conditioner and the leaking false-ceiling. However, they did not cover the carpet with any newspaper, while redoing the drywall of the ceiling, so my carpet became covered with drywall-dust and white paint !

    So, after all my inconvenience, I moved out of this apartment three months later. Of course, the apartment refused to return my deposit-amount, because they said that I had damaged the carpet in the bedroom !!! In fact, they even sent me a bill for additional charges for replacing the carpet in the bed-room (which became damaged due to THEIR careless way of repairing the drywall of the ceiling, and NOT due to any fault of mine ),

  2. I would like to please ask you to refrain saying "Be happy" when my daughter and I suffered Acid burns (minor true) but still acid burns...true the Super sent the maid, true one even appologized but only after she saw how mad we were and how we were not buying her "It's not my fault"

    I had bad "customer service" in my apparment in Switzerland after a water destroyment, but contrary to all the single incidents (and they are numerous) I had in this particular flat here, the water damage in Switzerland was not life threatening.

    And if you don't like what I write, or how I write it, please by all means feel free to close your browser.


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