Christmas cookie time

10:11 AM

The one thing I grew up associating Christmas with, Christmas tree aside is the cookie baking. And Switzerland has a few recipes that are quite typical, my favourite is this simple butter cookie recipe we called "Milanese", you can find the recipe here:
So these are the one I made yesterday, it's the easiest recipe in the world, finding the ingredients in India is very easy and not too costly, and the uncooked dough is so yummy I need to really hold myself from eating it all on my own, not that the cooked result isn't good really.
I also decided to try to include Ishita, and put her on a chair so she could see me work on the counter, she giggled when I made her mix the melted butter, sugar and eggs together, but then I lost her by the time I grated the lemon zest in the mix, she was too busy playing with the lemons and trying to jam them in my mortar and pestle and then make a teaspoon cocktail with what she achieved. By the time I had all my trays lined with baking paper (by the way where do you find that one in India, my supply from Switzerland might run out at one point) and was ready to cut the shapes out of the dough, Ishi was back to showing an interest in the flour I spilled on the counter top to dust the workspace and took some of the dough to play with, not really caring much about my cookie cutters but really into shaping and unshaping her own dough ball.
2 hours later I had all my cookies baked, it would have taken much much less time in a conventional big oven, but my microwave/convection oven is small therefore I can only do small batches, but it works great because by the time I finish cutting and brushing a batch the batch already in the oven is ready to be taken out to cool.
Ishita didn't care much about the cooked cookies and by then was much more interested in rubbing her dough ball on the dog and then go for a long nap.

But it was FUN, this is Ishita's first real Christmas, last year we went to Manali and didn't do a tree, gifts of much baking beside she was really too little to really get it, this year she is really enjoying the Advent calendar, talk to my Christmas tree, and loved being with mommy in the kitchen and I know next year she will definitely love helping with the cookies.

I plan to make at least another type of Swiss Cookie this weekend, but that one will be messy so I need DH to watch Ishi.


  1. Such fun with Ishi helping! You're brave lol Thanks for the recipe post!

  2. You are welcome Sam, Ishi had fun in her own way LOL the good part is that afterward she was tired enough to go for a nap with no resistance :-)


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